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dplyr 0.7 in shiny apps: Will "_" versions of verbs really be removed from dplyr? Vincent 6/26/17
Using filter with position number of variables in dplyr Erich Neuwirth 6/23/17
elegant way to find-and-replace? Daniel Nidzgorski 6/21/17
lubridate / dbplyr interface NaN 6/17/17
Connection lost using collect in dplyr tao hong 6/11/17
Help programming function using dplyr and the _ versions of commands Michael Ash 5/22/17
Fwd: Us congress hearing of maan alsaan Money laundry قضية الكونغجرس لغسيل الأموال للمليادير معن الصانع sami kamal 5/22/17
Column Name with Spaces in cols_only BHM 5/11/17
Reading a CSV with Quotes in Col Names and Data BHM 5/10/17
How to transform JSON object columns in tbl to tbl with single values from json 5/4/17
Problem using httr with OAuth 1.0 api site ArjunaCap 5/3/17
How to set schema for Redshift w/o throwing error? Jim Porzak 5/2/17
How to successively combine years and months using purrr BHM 4/27/17
Problem when function argument is the same as dataframe column name in dplyr Weicheng Zhu 4/26/17
dplyr_0.5.0.9002, passing string as variable name to select msquatrito 4/18/17
What does "[?]" represent in a grouped data frame? Bob 4/11/17
Error message when specifying "package::fun" in mutate_at Bob 4/10/17
dplyr src_dbi not available NaN 4/2/17
Can someone explain this full_join error? Christopher Friedman 3/27/17
What does the future hold for the `group_by` %>% `do()` method? Tiernan Martin 3/18/17
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