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Strange results using dplyr and which DrunkenPhD 7/30/15
Fill column with values from a vector when condition fullfilled DrunkenPhD 7/30/15
passing variable names to dplyr Roger Bos 7/29/15
R check last letter of string as condition DrunkenPhD 7/29/15
RSQLServer v0.2 pre-release testing request Imanuel Costigan 7/29/15
Interpolate values across dates ArjunaCap 7/24/15
testing a new SQL backend for dplyr Greg Rahn 7/24/15
How does dplyr decide when to combine multiple mutate statements? Jarod G.R. Meng 7/24/15
dplyr::arrange words with accented vowels Earl Brown 7/20/15
Error: error:cannot allocate vector size of xx mb Y Selmi 7/20/15
Get cummulative sums with ddply? Paulo Eduardo Cardoso 7/7/15
Removing an element from a lazy_dots list 7/4/15
dplyr: Oracle and MS SQL? TMOD 7/3/15
Can group_by accept an argument from a function instead of the exact name of the column according to which I want to group? Ayala Allon 6/27/15
dcast/spread with 2 columns that store values? Thierry Gosselin 6/24/15
read_excel function Yufeng Chang 6/24/15
Using col_names in read_excel Bob 6/23/15
[tidyr] spread function (long format to wide format) Yufeng Chang 6/18/15
select not working? Imanuel Costigan 6/16/15
Reading multiple fixed width format records per case with read.fwf and read_fwf Bob 6/16/15
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