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separate multiple columns each into multiple columns Bob Tao 9/29/16
data reshape Fritsander 9/7/16
Confused about quote(), call(), etc. Stuart Luppescu 9/6/16
plyr aaply retaining length 1 array dimensions in inputs Andy South 8/31/16
Can't use my own function in dplyr? Stuart Luppescu 8/26/16
dcast is given the message "Aggregation function missing: defaulting to length", but I do not have duplicated rows Manuel Spínola 8/18/16
using ddply inside a custom function Alexander Medvedevskikh 8/3/16
Unnesting hierarchical data Bill Harris 7/11/16
Non-partitioning group-? Marcus Walz 6/30/16
dplyr 0.5.0 - distinct_ requires .dots argument Ross Gayler 6/28/16
dplyr::mutate seems unexpectedly slow Ross Gayler 6/21/16
When quoting names in dplyr use backticks, not single or double quotes Bob 6/19/16
Issue using HTTR (and maybe CURL) ArjunaCap 5/31/16
Strange time zone behavior with readr ArjunaCap 5/24/16
MASS masks dplyr, but not vice versa. Why? Bob 5/17/16
dplyr writing / appending to database Georg Heiler 5/15/16
dplyr function on each row fabien leboeuf 5/3/16
Bracket notation subsetting returns inconsistent results between data.frame and data_frame Thomas Hopper 5/1/16
group_by multiuple columns more elegantly with dplyr Daniel Falbel 4/28/16
Quick swag at extending join to support geospatial databases Brad Dixon 4/20/16
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