Malkut Yehudah

Malkut Yehudah

The Kingdom of Judah


Judeans of the southern kingdom are the descendants and followers of King David (Davidians), High Priest Zadok (Zadokim/ Sadducees), Hasmoneans (HaSimeon the Zadok/ Just), and Maccabees. Whom have been standing righteous before God for over 3000 years.

Judeans attempt to achieve the highest standard of morals through the literal interpretation of The Law of God, as “it is written.” Judeans are preservationists and restorationists of The Law of Moses, we base our Jewish beliefs as in the days of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as in the days of The Temple, as practiced by the Judeans of the southern kingdom; Davidians, Zadokim (Sadducees), Hasmoneans, and Maccabees.

The Torah/ Tanakh alone is our Law, Siddur and Haggadah. You can also be a Judean and associate with Jewish families who actually obey God and live by The Law of Moses. To be aJudean you must be righteous by obeying God's commandments as “it is written.”


In the days of King Rehoboam (son of King Solomon), Israel split into the southern kingdom and northern kingdoms (932BCE). When Israel split, Judaism also went into two different directions which is still prevalent today.

The Judeans, of the southern kingdom, still keeps The Law of God as; “it is written.” The “older” written Law (the Torah) takes precedent over any “newer” laws or decrees.

But King Saul's and King Jeroboam's Pharisee Rabbis of the northern kingdom teach; the “newer laws” (the oral traditions, the post Temple ultra-liberal Talmuds) takes precedent over the “older written law (Torah), to the point of being opposite of the written Torah.

To apply for general membership, just click on the link above: "Sign in to Post" or "Apply for membership/ Join this group," and join. It cost nothing to join.

Mi kamokha ba'alim Adonai.

“Let those who are for the Lord follow me,” Judah Mattathias.


Moshe Zadok

Help Wanted

entry level Leaders (Hakham/ Rabbis), Elders, and Apprentices, will train, no Degree required: We want you to be the Leader or Elder of your Judean tribal synagogue. Being the Leader or Elder of your Judean tribal synagogue is the birth right of our members, just like it was in the days of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, when obeying G-d was plain and simple. As a Judean tribal Leader or Elder you can perform Jewish ceremonies as weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, funerals etc. No Degree or PHD required. For Apprentices, training is done by a local Elder in co-operation with The Hasmon University.

To be a Judean Leader (Hakham/ Rabbi) or Elder and be a member of Yehudah Knesset Gadol (Grand Assembly of Judeans), contact us:  

Website: and

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