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Meeting/Open Hours/Ingenuity Prep Tonight! 9/19/2017 7pm Sam Harmon 9/20/17
Ingenuity sign-up form Sam Harmon 9/15/17
Open Hours tomorrow 9/16/17 1-5pm or so Sam Harmon 9/15/17
Open Hours tonight 9/12/2017 7pm. Sam Harmon 9/12/17
Suggestions for Setting up a Maker Space. Ed Matos 9/7/17
Meeting & Open Hours tonight 9/5/2017 7pm Sam Harmon 9/5/17
Cleaning out some stuff Ed Matos 9/5/17
Indiegogo Launch - EQ line of LED horticulture light fixtures Chris Ruhland 8/31/17
Open Hours tonight 8/29/2017 7pm Sam Harmon 8/29/17
Fwd: 3D printing design class teacher Sam Harmon 8/23/17
Open Hours tonight 8/22/2017 7pm Sam Harmon 8/23/17
Meeting/Open Hours tonight - 8/15/2017 7pm Sam Harmon 8/15/17
Meeting/Open Hours tonight 8/1/2017 7pm Sam Harmon 8/8/17
Open Hours Tonight 7/25/2017 7pm Sam Harmon 8/8/17
Open Hours tonight 8/08/2017 7pm Sam Harmon 8/8/17
Saturday (8/5/17) Open Hours? Sam Harmon 8/5/17
Bottom lit etched acrylic project Shmuel Kessler 8/1/17
Physical donations? Frank Flanagan 7/24/17
I'll pay you to un-funk my computer... Raven Fae 7/20/17
Meeting/Open Hours tonight! 7/18/2017 7pm Sam Harmon 7/18/17
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