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Open Hours/Shaker Makers Prep Tonight 4/18/2017 6pm Sam Harmon 4/18/17
Open Hours/Shaker Makers Planning tonight 4/11/2017 7pm Sam Harmon 4/11/17
A hex shape and a flat shape Thomas Pirko 4/9/17
Getting more people to the space Sam Harmon 4/7/17
rejuvenate car battery Ken 4/5/17
Interest in a beginner's turning class? Andrew Jones 4/4/17
Meeting & Open Hours tonight 4/4/2017 7pm Sam Harmon 4/4/17
Space open today Sam Harmon 4/1/17
Radial arm saw available? Thomas Pirko 3/31/17
Memorial Day Parade - Cancel/Embarrassment Kate M 3/30/17
Shaker Makers Event on April 22nd Kate M 3/30/17
Open Hours tonight 3/28/2017 7pm Sam Harmon 3/28/17
Work session/cleanup tomorrow 3/25/2017 noon Sam Harmon 3/25/17
Meeting & Open Hours tonight 3/21/2017 7pm Sam Harmon 3/21/17
Meeting/Open Hours/Moving tonight 2/21/2017 7pm Sam Harmon 3/20/17
Open Hours tomorrow afternoon 3/18/2017 Sam Harmon 3/17/17
Open Hours tonight 3/14/2017 7pm Sam Harmon 3/14/17
Open Hours/Post-move organization tomorrow 3/11/2017 noon? Sam Harmon 3/11/17
Meeting & Open Hours tonight 3/7/2017 7pm Sam Harmon 3/7/17
Open Hours tomorrow 3/4/17 12pm-? Sam Harmon 3/4/17
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