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Open Hours tonight 10/27/2015 7pm Sam Harmon 10/27/15
FANUC Ben Herring 10/25/15
Makers alliance and Kent State University. Stofiel Aerospace 10/22/15
Meeting & Open Hours tonight 10/20/2015 7pm Sam Harmon 10/20/15
LTE hacked, no fix 10/17/15
Industrial Robot Hacking Ross Bochnek 10/16/15
Fall Space Rearrangement Ross Bochnek 10/16/15
Richard Stallman at Kent State tomorrow Joe ODonnell 10/16/15
More twisted arduino projects Matthew DeBlock 10/14/15
Help With Joing the Allaince Andrew Hanwell 10/13/15
Open Hours Tonight 10/13/2015 7pm Sam Harmon 10/13/15
Fun Arduino projects with new twists Matthew DeBlock 10/9/15
Meeting & Open Hours tonight 10/6/2015 7pm Sam Harmon 10/6/15
Sunday noon gymfuzz 10/4/15
Schedule this weekend gymfuzz 10/2/15
Ingenuity prep tonight (and volunteer signup sheet) Sam Harmon 10/2/15
Open Hours tonight 9/29/2015 7pm Sam Harmon 9/29/15
Super Moon Eclipse tonight, won't happen again until 2033 Joe ODonnell 9/27/15
Neopixels and RasPi Ross Bochnek 9/26/15
Working Sunday? gymfuzz 9/26/15
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