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New PLA Pricing Rick 9/5/14
M2 24v Power Supply Inspection Rick 5/8/14
Static Electricity Warning Rick 4/21/14
I'm officially moving to the new MakerGear forum... Tony Shulthise 4/10/14
Getting Started Guide Rick 12/20/13
Filament MSDS Files Rick 11/27/12
First Print - How To Rick 11/11/12
echo:SD init fail Olivia Freasier 3/17/15
Pronterface Failure to connect Gary Schwartz 3/16/15
ZenToolWorks Filament Problems Brad Carvey 12/31/14
Extruder issue Alexander Kazarian 12/15/14
web host problem Rick 12/9/14
Carbon Fiber PLA & ABS + Free Shipping 3DXTech 12/5/14
Y-belt slip? Ervan Darnell 12/3/14
Extruder switched off. MINTEMP triggered ! Problem, pls help me . Yan Zhuang 12/1/14
Troubleshooting X-Axis Model Shifting Jonathon - 3D Tasmania 11/30/14
40MM Fans are not running. Yan Zhuang 11/30/14
New M2 - Very excited! Questions though… 3DXTech 11/25/14
3D Printers at SC14 Hank Dietz 11/23/14
ABS delamination Jin Choi 11/22/14
Squiggly bits of PLA - Coast / Retraction problem? Graham Plumb 11/12/14
Questions Galen Collins 11/10/14
Updated pricing on 1mil, 2mil, and 4mil Polyimide 3DXTech 10/15/14
Problem with Makergear ABS filament on M2 Leander Kahney 10/5/14
printing polycarbonate teresa h 10/1/14
New Printer Bed Material quaverf 9/24/14
RAMBo ver 1.2 Firmware Upload Timeout Adam Greene 9/19/14
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