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New 5th gen replicator, problems already. Jay Heg 8/7/14
New Update of MakerBot Desktop and Firmware for 5th gens Jetguy 8/7/14
5th Gen over-extrusion SFM 8/7/14
dual extruder merge won't merge sasabs 8/7/14
5th Gen Extruder Clicking Noise/Belt Snapped and Technical Support Joshua Wong 8/7/14
Replicator 2x Calibration Cube Chris57 8/7/14
5th Generation Error 65: Thermocouple Communication Failure... Campbell University Wiggins Memorial Library 8/7/14
What Rep1 extruder is this? DonaldJ 8/7/14
MakerBot Replicator 2 nozzle clogged....but doesn't seem clogged...? Kody Dagley 8/6/14
Cricut spatula alternative? Bryon Miller 8/6/14
3D Design Software Carl R 8/6/14
5th Gen maintenance tasks? jtuei 8/6/14
Curly Cues on a Replicator 2X Keith McCabe 8/6/14
Replicator 2X squeaking on y-axis Keith McCabe 8/6/14
Who is left with a 5th gen? Connor Wilkinson 8/6/14
Slicer Times in New Makerbot Desktop Ryan McCaskill 8/6/14
Makerware - Comparing Mac vs PC Time to prints....Vastly different James Hannon 8/6/14
XY drift problem with MakerBot 5th gen Kyle Green 8/6/14
Where to get thermocouples for 2X? Qtrain23 8/6/14
2X Printing Issues on Flat Surfaces Rob Griesbeck 8/6/14
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