I just learned (at that it is (no longer I think) possible to post to a group using an email client if you do not have a Google account. According to that page a Google account is not necessary to post using the web interface at least. We will probably move to a more respectful service eventually but since this list isn't used much, that isn't a priority.

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Interactive rebase "edit" to split commits Paul Smith 11/30/17
Different behavior between Windows and Unix when reverting commit Yasuhiro KIMURA 10/9/17
The Magit Kickstarter campaign ends in 4 hours Jonas Bernoulli 10/1/17
Jump to issue tracker from revision buffer Martin Geisler 9/18/17
Does magit when using ediff have a means for moving on the next file when there are multiple files to be diffed? vfclists 9/8/17
documentation on writing extensions? John Kitchin 5/8/17
prompt for local branches? Sam Cramer 4/2/17
Specify a different author at commit time Lele Gaifax 1/26/17
Create spinoff branch containing one commit Allen Li 1/6/17
Magit slowness Timothy Licata 1/5/17
Sorting branch names by most recently used Martin Geisler 11/25/16
Image diffs Jack Bates 11/19/16
External mergetool support Martin Geisler 11/19/16
killing remote branches Barry Warsaw 11/18/16
magit doesn't prompt for ssl passphrase, and fails to push. Using Windows 7. Erik van Zwol 11/4/16
show tracked file changes from a higher-level directory Erik van Zwol 11/4/16
magit-clone in a tramp directory? Tim Visher 9/29/16
[ANNOUNCE] Git User's Survey 2016 Jakub Narębski 9/19/16
magit-log-select-pick: Symbol's function definition is void: nil Branislav Zahradník 9/9/16
Problem with stash entry with untracked file Nathaniel Mishkin 9/8/16
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