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error with magit-status Thomas Holst 9/29/15
magit-rev and magit-diff-visit-file: edit the file in HEAD Daniel Dehennin 9/25/15
magit-diff and tab expansion Yuri D'Elia 8/6/15
caching credentials Seb 7/31/15
magit 2.1 customization to prevent COMMIT_EDITMSG in new frame? Jeff Kowalczyk 7/30/15
Magit - Unable to commit Amit Ahire 7/30/15
numbers in parenthesis next to Tag: Seb 7/18/15
magit-interactive-rebase York Zhao 7/16/15
Revert a file in magit-status-mode York Zhao 7/15/15
move commits to existing branch (local and remote) Seb 7/14/15
editing a diff in place Xavier Noria 7/13/15
Magit v2.1.0 releases Jonas Bernoulli 7/6/15
how to diff branch in magit (next)? Gary Oberbrunner 6/29/15
Insert (autocomplete) to be committed filenames. Martin Fei 6/23/15
Workflow when branching question Jonathon McKitrick 6/19/15
Compile error in magit-diff.el while installing Joe Philip Ninan 6/14/15
branch mode order by last commit date Ben Fitzgerald 5/25/15
Emacsclient problem Julien Cubizolles 5/25/15
diff expansion disappear when using diff.textconv walter franzini 5/15/15
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