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Confused about the magit help screen Obsid 2/11/15
git log with --date-order Ignacio Lopez 2/6/15
Session variables with marmalade Ryan Rasmussen 1/28/15
deleting the frame when quitting a magit commit message buffer Alan Schmitt 12/16/14
Visible lag when doing any operation in magit on windows, Andrzej Skiba 11/13/14
Inspecting changes related to a specific region Lele Gaifax 11/10/14
Stable release for Marmalade Nikolai Weibull 11/1/14
discard/revert changes by hunk? Gary Oberbrunner 11/1/14
Magit fails to detect the git repository Daniel Hawthorne 9/30/14
Automatic sign off Tu Hoang Do 9/25/14
multiple regressions with commit workflow? Adam Spiers 9/4/14
ediff but shows file disappear 8/29/14
Magit treats .el files like binary files Thorsten Jolitz 8/22/14
logging with --all switch Marek 8/14/14
show diff of current buffer Sam Halliday 7/30/14
Always prompted to revert buffer when committing Mike Crowe 7/5/14
bug with magit on Win7 / Comment on issue #816 Thomas Holst 4/24/14
magit-status failed Color Lv 4/16/14
View a file in a specific commit York Zhao 4/16/14
can't commit sean smith 4/15/14
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