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[ANNOUNCE] Git User's Survey 2016 Jakub Narębski 9/19/16
magit-log-select-pick: Symbol's function definition is void: nil Branislav Zahradník 9/9/16
Problem with stash entry with untracked file Nathaniel Mishkin 9/8/16
Track down Magit version error 7/30/16
Magit quit error 7/26/16
$1,500 Applebees Gift Card Laaziri Seddik 7/10/16
Cannot commit changes made through tramp/sudo Matthew Economou 6/5/16
Summary Window? Tim Visher 6/2/16
Colorizing diff output and commit diffs John Shahid 5/4/16
The problem with magit blame (Re: magit-blame) Yuri D'Elia 4/14/16
Magit status closes all sections on each action? Gary Oberbrunner 4/13/16
magit-clone error message Seb 2/11/16
Nothing is displayed by magit-insert-unpushed-to-pushremote Julien Cubizolles 2/10/16
How to avoid left over temp indexes Michael Heerdegen 2/8/16
Compilation error on Emacs Carmine Casciato 2/2/16
Any way to display git notes in the commit log buffer or the main magit buffer for current commit? Nick Roosevelt 1/28/16
git-rebase: drop as git-rebase-kill-line is insufficient Matthew Persico 1/16/16
Discard Unpulled commits to upstream Julien Cubizolles 12/30/15
el-get issues Perry Smith 12/9/15
COMMIT_EDITMSG from previous commit is used for a new commit Cody Addison 12/3/15
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