Hello and Welcome to this google groups page. This page is for discussions pertaining to the co-ordinations of efforts in trying to set up a hack space in Chennai. Feel free to post any suggestions and opinions or ideas about how you want the hackerspace to be. Each individual has the capacity to bring something new and interesting. Hopefully, when the dust settles, we will have a space that has a combination of the personalities of the folks that have shown the most interest : )

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Discussion Migration Adas 9/9/12
Any emacs zealots in the lot? :) M Karthick 9/9/12
Facebook Adas 8/16/12
Ultimaker build process time lapse Adas 8/10/12
Robotic envoy Adas 8/8/12
Racks and Desks Adas 7/20/12
First Successful Print Adas 7/15/12
Flawless Failure Adas 7/15/12
Flawless Failure madhack 7/14/12
Internet and Furniture madhack 7/11/12
Another update. Adas 6/29/12
HackDen Venue feroze 6/24/12
furniture - bad news Adas 6/23/12
Baby steps - Update Adas 6/21/12
Summer of 2012 Adas 6/16/12
Stayin Alive ;) Adas 5/14/12
Meetup Adas 4/13/12
first meetup Adas 4/8/12
Magazine Chronic'art Chronic'art 4/2/12
Visiting Liechtenstein, looking for Hackers moritz 3/11/12
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