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Thanks for all those who bought package bees from me and coming to pick up in timely fashion Mary Celley 8:20 PM
Thanks to Paul for our May meeting. Jo Sommers 7:18 PM
Looking for a Package or a split Bob Wolfe 6:40 PM
Bee Packages Available - May 18th! jeanne hansen 3:49 PM
King Nuc bees has some packages available Randy D 10:41 AM
Oh Boy!!! Bees available! jeanne hansen 10:29 AM Packages jeanne hansen 5/5/15
Club winter loss survey jeanne hansen 5/5/15
Package installation and queen question Coral 5/5/15
Odor in hive? Diane Packett 5/2/15
Stimulate Comb Drawing? Chip Hankley 5/1/15
Apiary location in Community Garden, East Side Madison jeanne hansen 5/1/15
May Meeting Paul Zelenski 5/1/15
Feeding Bees Bill 4/30/15
Small cell bees being born from large cell packages XPHoney 4/29/15
Foundation Donald Butzke 4/29/15
Bee talk wanted for 1st graders, Madison West Side. jeanne hansen 4/28/15
Nuc or package wanted Katie Sommers 4/28/15
Need bees 4/27/15
Honey Bee Loss Survey 2015 jeanne hansen 4/27/15
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