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   3.  This is a message board for the Norther Illinois area, any job posting that's not in the general area, will be probably be rejected.
   4.  Not every topic *needs* to be linux oriented, but keep in mind your audience when posting.  
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WCLUG Meeting Tonight 06/01/2017 James L. Mazurek 6/1/17
Invitation To UniForum Chicago Presentation May 25th Wayne Schneidman 5/3/17
NWCLUG's Next meeting 5/2/17 (fwd) James L. Mazurek 5/2/17
WCLUG Meeting 05/04/2017 James L. Mazurek 5/2/17
Whole house VPN Jay Strauss 4/15/17
Off-topic -- computer recycling program with a twist :) Jeff Yamada 4/12/17
Fwd: Black hat or grey hat, this Python book bundle wears them all. Sean Lynch 4/5/17
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Video recording / editing software Mike Scott 3/25/17
Re: [LUNI] Abridged summary of - 3 updates in 1 topic jose.schmoe 3/25/17
Legal office needs help with Linux server/software in NW suburbs Oleg Brodkin 3/23/17
Invitation to UniForum Chicago Presentation: Intro To 3-D Printing Wayne Schneidman 3/11/17
UniForum Chicago Presentation Home Automation with 'Internet of Things' Part 1 Wayne Schneidman 2/14/17
Backblaze Hard Drive Stats for 2016 Jeff Yamada 2/1/17
Windows 10 Update Broke DHCP, Knocked Users Off the Internet Mike Scott 1/25/17
OT: PCB Fabrication Mike Scott 1/25/17
Cortana is coming to your lock screen on Android Mike Scott 1/19/17
UniForum Chicago January General Meeting Open To The Public Wayne Schneidman 1/11/17
WCLUG Meeting Tonight 01/05/2017 James L. Mazurek 1/5/17
Humble Bundle deal for Unix and Linux books from O'Reilly Sean Lynch 12/2/16
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