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   3.  This is a message board for the Norther Illinois area, any job posting that's not in the general area, will be probably be rejected.
   4.  Not every topic *needs* to be linux oriented, but keep in mind your audience when posting.  
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Humble Bundle deal for Unix and Linux books from O'Reilly Sean Lynch 12/2/16
WCLUG Meeting Tonight 12/01/2016 James L. Mazurek 12/1/16
Invitation to UniForum Chicago: 2016 Annual Pizza Party Wayne Schneidman 11/15/16
[JOB] Instructure wants you! (If you're a senior software engineer or an engineering manager/team lead.) ktgeek 11/9/16
UniForum Chicago Open Discussion Wayne Schneidman 11/7/16
[JOB] Looking for a Sr Linux Admin Scott Lockwood 10/25/16
UniForum Chicago October Fermilab Tour Wayne Schneidman 9/30/16
BarCamp Milwaukee 11 - October 1st & 2nd eviljoel 9/26/16
Lenovo Yoga with Linux Mike Scott 9/22/16
September 27th UniForum Chicago General Meeting open to the public Wayne Schneidman 9/18/16
NIU Huskie Hack, November 5-6 (24h) for middle school through college students Samir Faci 9/17/16
WCLUG Meeting Tonight 09/01/2016 James L. Mazurek 9/1/16
Linux Turns 25, Is Bigger and More Professional Than Ever Mike Scott 8/24/16
UniForum Chicago General Meeting Open to the Public Wayne Schneidman 8/17/16
New swtich, slower network. Richard Reina 8/16/16
[OT+XPOST] Linux T-Shirts for SysAdmin Appreciation Day Arun Khan 8/3/16
UniForum Chicago General Meeting Open To The Public Wayne Schneidman 7/5/16
Linksys WRT54GL-2005 wireless router still being sold in 2016 Jeff Yamada 7/1/16
UniForum Chicago Raspberry Pi Presentation Open To The Public Wayne Schneidman 6/21/16
'Become an Ethical Hacker' sale Jeff Yamada 6/9/16
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