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Mozilla Open Badges and LRMI Phil Barker 4/14/14
Google search with LRMI properties Phil Barker 4/10/14
New Google feature: Create a search engine with schema.org types dsn...@ascd.org 3/31/14
LRMI Governance & Community Support Lorna M Campbell 3/28/14
Linked up challenge Phil Barker 3/28/14
Common Core XML identifiers: found Steve Midgley 3/27/14
proposed editorial change to http://www.lrmi.net/the-specification Phil Barker 3/25/14
Metadata Representations of Educational Frameworks Brandt Redd 3/16/14
Explaining the LRMI Alignment Object Phil Barker 3/12/14
Some proposed controlled vocabularies Steve Midgley 2/19/14
Proposal: Use CEDS “Learning Resource Education Level" controlled vocabulary URIs for grade levels in LRMI/LR Jim Goodell 2/13/14
Fwd: schema.org 1.0a revision: LRMI, Datasets, Audience, Technical Publishing vocabulary and more. Dan Brickley 2/3/14
Schema.org Accepts our Accessibility Proposal, which complements LRMI Gerardo Capiel 1/17/14
Any good examples of tagging using alignmentObject/educationAlignment to CCSS? Jim Goodell 11/25/13
Fwd: MiniSKOS proposal: add Topic, an equivalentClass to skos:Concept, and relate schema properties to it. Phil Barker 11/21/13
Being critical about the LOM Frans Van Assche 10/18/13
Fwd: [learningreg-dev] JSON-LD examples Steve Midgley 10/15/13
Draft specification for LRMI serialized as JSON-LD Jason Hoekstra 10/13/13
Fwd: Re: CreativeWork relationships Phil Barker 9/21/13
Raising the issue of collections, especially of learning resources, within schema.org Charles Myers 9/13/13
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