Learning Resource Metadata Initiative

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LRMI Training Resources for Instructional Designers mass...@gmail.com 4/10/17
Open Educational Resources Schema and W3C Community group Adrian Pohl 11/21/16
RDF property for educational level Adrian Pohl 9/12/16
Metadata application profiles Lorna Johnstone 5/20/16
Ed Tech Forum in Philadelphia next month Dave Gladney 5/3/16
relationships Hugh Paterson III 4/14/16
Hugh Paterson III 4/14/16
schema.org list of events bassel alsous 3/15/16
Microdata work within Google Summer of Code Paul Libbrecht 3/9/16
Sitemaps.xml and LRMI Steve Midgley 3/1/16
Very important MicroStrategy online training by real time experts Online Training With Jobs 2/29/16
Fwd: [learningreg-dev] Illinois publishing using JSON-LD Joshua Marks 2/23/16
rangeIncludes Les Kneebone 1/28/16
Why no "LearningResource" type? Paul Libbrecht 1/26/16
schema course extend Phil Barker 1/22/16
schema.org for educational courses Phil Barker 12/14/15
On "Evaluating Metadata Standards" Stuart 11/4/15
New ed tech standards white paper and AAP Ed Tech Group Dave Gladney 11/2/15
DCMI Free Webinar: Schema.org in Two Parts: From Use to Extension Stuart 10/28/15
Influence the future of CEDS this Wednesday Jim Goodell 10/26/15
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