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Please go to http://forum.tinkermill.org/ for our forum discussion.  We no longer use Google Groups.  Welcome to TinkerMill: the Longmont Hacker Space discussion. Here we can talk about our ideas and projects, sub groups, events, classes and of course the things we need help doing and help on offer.

Hackerspaces are about the members, so make the discussions yours about what you want to hack. The General Public are invited to observe and if they want to, participate in our discussions.

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Agenda Thread (check here for latest Tuesday night general meeting agenda) Scott Converse 2/4/14
A New Space Scott Converse 10/7/13
NoCo Maker Faire Coordination Thread Scott Converse 10/2/13
Choices for NEW group for MEMBERS Paul Tiger 12/10/15
I'm thinking of going back to Google Groups (from the current forums.tinkermill.org software. Thoughts? Scott Converse 12/10/15
Old, Unused Toner Doug Hines 9/22/15
OpenSource Living Server Based Texture Matthew DeBlock 8/23/15
Computer Friendly Handwriting & Chemical Calligraphy Matthew DeBlock 7/20/14
Parts to donate Tim Mensch 7/18/14
Evolving a 2D Language Matthew DeBlock 5/9/14
Sketch It Make It Steve Briggs 5/6/14
Ethical Hacking with Guru99 Rohit Patel 2/23/14
The Flipped classroom Karl Niemann 2/20/14
Need a professional mechanical engineer for Denver MakerFaire Karl Niemann 2/17/14
Storage unit Doug Hines 2/15/14
This'll be fun Zancas Dearana 1/30/14
Fwd: Sign up for reduced booth fee ends tomorrow - Denver Mini Maker Faire Lindsay Levkoff 1/30/14
Mad Science Inventions and Mad Science Experiments Matthew DeBlock 1/29/14
Tonight's Agenda Lindsay Levkoff 1/28/14
Fwd: Final Notice: Spring 2014 Welding Classes - Action Requested Lindsay Levkoff 1/28/14
Videos & Introduction Nat Kramer 1/27/14
Fun way to re-use old wires :) Matthew DeBlock 1/27/14
Discourse (A budding discussion platform) Vishal Verma 1/24/14
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