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Welcome to the group! This is a group to discuss about drink up and meetups in London about d3.js. For technical d3 questions, you may want to ask at d3-js google group.



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Is there any new meet up planned for 2017? Kai Xu 8/8/17
London d3.js Feburary Meetup makoto 2/19/16
London d3.js November meetup. makoto 11/10/15
London d3.js September 2015 meetup makoto 9/11/15
London d3.js August 2015 makoto 8/28/15
London d3.js May 2015 meetup makoto 5/18/15
D3 - tree nodes not built from external JSON file Ahmed Shalabi 3/29/15
a paid open source d3js +d3.geo/d3.carto/Leaflet interactive vis competition Sergiy Nesterko 3/18/15
London d3.js Feb 2015 meetup on 26th Feb makoto 3/10/15 makoto 1/27/15
D3 workshops (London) Peter Cook 1/10/15
London d3.js Jan 2015 meetup on 9th Jan makoto 1/6/15
edX Learning Dashboard Challenge Sergiy Nesterko 12/24/14
D3 Workshops in London early 2015 Peter Cook 12/9/14
Company hack days / tech talks open to outsiders ? makoto 12/4/14
Talk topic for London d3.js Jan 2015 (or drinkup Dec 2014)? makoto 12/4/14
Beginning D3 Workshop 26 Nov, Brighton Peter Cook 11/11/14
D3.js job in Data Science and Visualisation in London, UK Sam Bourton 8/15/14
May London d3.js meetup makoto 5/30/14
Anyone interested in speaking at this thursday's d3.js meetup? makoto 5/27/14
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