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How to say "I see someone talking to you"? Is "be–bei–be'o" construction good for that? Roman Gorbunov 1/10/17
Resolving ambiguity in gismu starting with "cu..." e.raised.to.pi.i 12/29/16
pemci fi ko! (poem weekly) #1 uakci 11/15/16
How to say research Mustafa İpekbayrak 11/9/16
a new pemkarni uakci 11/9/16
.i ka'e to si pe'i toi mi ciska lo pemci suzanys 10/7/16
ti pemkarni fo do Timothy Lawrence 9/30/16
pemkarni #3, and a message to all mailing-list users uakci 9/7/16
pemkarni (poem weekly) #2 uakci 8/31/16
pemkarni! (poem weekly) #1 uakci 8/24/16
Re: [lojban-beginners] Is Lojban actually learnable? uakci 8/22/16
Can one be fluent in Lojban in the same way as other languages? Collin Damskov 8/22/16
Why is place structure implied by selbri and not encoded some other way? Collin Damskov 8/21/16
Re: [lojban-beginners] Why do selbri imply place structure? uakci 8/19/16
A suggestion for the Lojban names of weekdays and months. aionys 8/18/16
Re: [lojban] djekarni (Diary): le karni fe la timoteios. Timothy Lawrence 8/18/16
StarDict vlaste update guskant 8/17/16
"Aw" in Lojban Altay Hunter 7/28/16
Is it possible to use be directly followed by bei? 0x90 7/14/16
A question on how causals in Lojban work in a sentence ozone...@gmail.com 7/2/16
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