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What actually are the rules of word formation? TR NS 4/20/15
A few more sentences Erik Natanael Gustafsson 4/6/15
Pronunciation of "o" Timothy Lawrence 3/31/15
"To have". Translation. la gleki 3/26/15
Aesop "Let a man be one thing or the other..." ravas 3/26/15
last door on the right (describing the location of something) ravas 2/24/15
A few sentences Erik Natanael Gustafsson 2/20/15
Lojban versions Timothy Lawrence 2/17/15
how to use {fancu}? la gleki 2/9/15
"go to a meeting" la gleki 2/6/15
nejni2 and nejni3 la gleki 2/5/15
{trene3} is weird la gleki 2/4/15
ganai-gi and if-then ravas 2/3/15
ko'a-ko'u confusion Nathan Daly 2/2/15
Confusion with {be} Nathan Daly 1/30/15
How does this even work? Nathan Daly 1/29/15
ma xe fanva zoigy.Dial 911.gy. la gleki 1/28/15
hey jon crosby 1/27/15
If "cai" is 100%, then what is "sai"? ravas 1/26/15
Chumash Ethnobotany "...and dried them in the sun for fifteen or twenty days." ravas 1/26/15
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