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What does this even mean? Erik Natanael Gustafsson 4:24 AM
Differenes between “ka” and “nu” Leo Beltran 7/23/15
Anki study decks not working Timothy Lawrence 7/23/15
how to say "for obvious reasons"? ScottMtc 7/20/15
Hello Jeffrey Zollars 7/17/15
How to say to make sth better? Mustafa İpekbayrak 7/15/15
Words with examples Leo Beltran 7/11/15
Text for a piece of music Erik Natanael Gustafsson 7/6/15
jbovlaste definitions Timothy Lawrence 7/5/15
Easy, medium, difficult Timothy Lawrence 7/2/15
"Notebook" (NOT "selbeiskami"!) Christa Hansberry 6/30/15
Some questions after reading la .teris. Erik Natanael Gustafsson 6/24/15
How do we say < 1°56'04.8"N 73°32'23.2"E > ? la gleki 6/10/15
x2 of bridi? TR NS 6/1/15
Does the argument limit lead to half-ass words? TR NS 5/28/15
A little cuestion Tails Doll Incorporeider 5/27/15
Talking about a color TR NS 5/23/15
Translation of Number TR NS 5/1/15
What actually are the rules of word formation? TR NS 4/23/15
Question about learning grammar la .xabltos. 4/21/15
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