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configuration management with Puppet Rudy Gevaert 2/22/15
windows Teferra 2/15/15
Hello, short introduction Rudy Gevaert 2/8/15
What do you think? NR. 4 Fantaw Tesema 12/14/14
What do you think about this NR. 3 Fantaw Tesema 12/5/14
Amharic reference books Teferra 12/2/14
What do you think about this guys? Fantaw Tesema 11/19/14
What do you think about this Nr. 2 Fantaw Tesema 11/18/14
WP to Amharic reached 90% now. Green zone!!! Fantaw Tesema 11/16/14
You may be able to download ubuntu from your shortwave radio soon. Teferra 11/14/14
Mintlinux 17 and Amharic review Teferra 11/3/14
I am pleasantly surprised Teferra 10/26/14
Status translation wp to Amharic Fantaw Tesema 10/21/14
Gcompris Teferra 9/28/14
create software that will teach a child to read, write, and perform arithmetic without a teacher. The prize? $15-million. Teferra 9/24/14
Re: Linux-Ethiopia Abridged summary of - 1 update in 1 topic dagnachew argaw 9/18/14
materials for university students Teferra 9/18/14
Learning platforms, thinking out loud. Teferra 9/17/14
Free moodle hosting for Ethiopians Teferra 9/14/14
New Year 2007 Fantaw Tesema 9/11/14
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