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Fwd: Message to attendees of Conversate!: Ethiopians at home and abroad discuss... JOB 6/9/16
Hello Everybody, Fantaw Tesema 5/1/16
Merry Ethiopian X-mas everybody! Fantaw Tesema 1/10/16
Outernet (free internet) Teferra 12/18/15
Just the Java! Belay 12/13/15
WP 4.3 Amharic translated 100% Fantaw Tesema 12/10/15
eng-to-am-translation-examples-for-wordpress - Invitation to edit Fantaw Tesema 11/26/15
Some thoughts about the translation Fantaw Tesema 11/26/15
Mint is a terrible Linux desktop Teferra 11/22/15
Item, Element, Argument and Object Fantaw Tesema 11/21/15
Java Homework only! Belay 11/21/15
Only Java - Discussion Board Belay 11/18/15
Some ideas for contributing to open source JOB 11/17/15
Where are they now Belay 11/16/15
Video, Film and Movie Fantaw Tesema 11/4/15
Reset, Restart, Restore and Reboot Fantaw Tesema 11/4/15
Setup and Configure translation Fantaw Tesema 11/4/15
Playlist Fantaw Tesema 11/4/15
I never suspected Linux installation could be so hilarious. Couldn't stop loughing. Teferra 11/3/15
One English word which can not be translated with one Amharic word Fantaw Tesema 10/31/15
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