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Opening files in lightTable from terminal Erik Griffin 4:47 AM
can't add themes descart avel 3/28/15
Semantic Highlighting Bryan Lott 3/28/15
moving a file ZanderPSmith 3/26/15
Light Table 0.7.2: Proper format for adding *.cljs.hl (Hoplon) Syntax Support Calvin Mitchell 3/25/15
Cannot access Steve Skripnik 3/25/15
LightTable on Yosemite 10.10.1 3/20/15
Would anyone like to make a video interview about Light Table / Clojurescript? Zubair Quraishi 3/18/15
html editor: press enter add like 20 tabs to the new line cesar pachon 3/18/15
Discussion: Clojure refactor support in LightTable ? Magnus Rundberget 3/16/15
LT failing to connect to project suddenly Thomas 3/16/15
browser repl with clojurescript > 0.0-2913 3/16/15
Fold modes file inclusion Rob Jentzema 3/15/15
Simple way to get LightTable to recognize a cljx file as clj? Ethan Sherbondy 3/14/15
Broken Indentation in Python mode Seraphim Eter 3/14/15
CPU consuption while scrolling Mike Litoris 3/13/15
Always centered cursor? Tomáš Karger 3/13/15
Multiple cursors commands! Chris Granger 3/7/15
[Plugin] Ltinator - switch your working environment snufkon 3/6/15
4 pretty basic things Id like to do in LightTable 3/6/15
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