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commit/sleipnir: Casey Greene: rerun gengetopt after new command line options added Bitbucket 12/16/15
Is Sleipnir Driver coming? 11/4/15
commit/sleipnir: Add MutualRanker. Calculate correlation rank and aggregate across datasets. Bitbucket 9/12/15
commit/sleipnir: akwong: merge Bitbucket 9/10/15
commit/sleipnir: akwong: Revert change that broke context integrations Bitbucket 9/10/15
commit/sleipnir: Fixed bugs in SeekMiner, SeekServer with regards to CV_CUSTOM mode, check_dset_size flag (in SeekMiner) Bitbucket 9/7/15
commit/sleipnir: Rever to version 4c68098 Bitbucket 9/2/15
commit/sleipnir: qzhu: Created new branch seek-experimental Bitbucket 9/2/15
commit/sleipnir: akwong: Fixes bug that didn't print all of the column headers in a PCL Bitbucket 8/11/15
Re: Sleipnir binary Curtis Huttenhower 8/3/15
commit/sleipnir: 2 new changesets Bitbucket 7/21/15
Unable to build sleipnir 4/3/15
commit/sleipnir: qzhu: fixed COALESCE compile error (meta.h edited online with Bitbucket) Bitbucket 4/3/15
commit/sleipnir: Fixed documentation regarding BOOST pre-requisite Bitbucket 2/26/15
commit/sleipnir: Fixed compile issue Bitbucket 2/20/15
commit/sleipnir: Fixed compile issue due to previous commit Bitbucket 2/20/15
commit/sleipnir: Removed debugging statements Bitbucket 2/20/15
commit/sleipnir: Make interface class deconstructor virtual to prevent memory leak (as suggested in Bitbucket 2/20/15
commit/sleipnir: Provide option in SeekMiner to limit datasets by size Bitbucket 2/20/15
commit/sleipnir: 2 new changesets Bitbucket 2/16/15
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