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Thank you for joining the NYC Legal Hackers discussion forum.  We're thrilled to have you.  Feel free to drop any discussion topics here, and please join our Meetup group if you haven't already:

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Legal Hackers Summit 2015 Legal Hackers 11/30/14
Warrant Canaries Hackathon Legal Hackers 3/26/15
Internal statistics 3/8/15
3D Printing Code of Conduct Legal Hackers 2/13/15
Fwd: [Boston-and-Cambridge-Legal-Hackers] Law is Code Showcase @ MIT Phil Weiss 1/22/15
hackers Ayoub gladd 1/21/15
Fwd: ​Call for Book Chapters: Achieving Open Justice through Citizen Participation and Transparency Phil Weiss 1/9/15
SXSW Legal Hackers 10/22/14
Legal Hackers TM Legal Hackers 10/17/14
Legal Hackers Updates Legal Hackers 3/24/14
FPF Hacker Project Legal Hackers 3/21/14
AALL Hackathon Jennifer Wondracek 3/19/14
From the desk of Jonathan Askin Legal Hackers 3/17/14
CLEs and Music Phil Weiss 3/13/14
Revenge Porn and Such Phil Weiss 2/28/14
Upcoming events: Legal Hackers 2/15/14
Data Privacy Legal Hackathon Legal Hackers 1/27/14
New GitHub Repo Up!! Phil Weiss 10/10/13
Invitation to attend the Drones & Aerial Robotics Conference @ NYU, 10/11-10/13 Jennifer Baek 9/24/13
DC Legal Hackers is happening. Rebecca Williams 9/9/13
Github Sponsored Hackathon in Early Oct or Sept? Rebecca Williams 7/15/13
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