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We are a friendly group of makers and breakers based in Leeds, UK.
Anyone with an interest in anything is welcome to come and get in touch with us.

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University research project old used 3d printer filiment Alex Fells [pm11af] 11/25/15
Laser cutter last task tho...@tgohome.com 11/24/15
Worth a visit? Richard Jones 11/24/15
Laser etching glass tho...@tgohome.com 11/23/15
New Scroll Saw for the Space DrBwts 11/23/15
Electric motor advice DrBwts 11/23/15
Milling aluminium profile / flat bar Samwise Wilson 11/23/15
Farnell transformers 12 volt advice. Onlyhalfdone 11/23/15
Best available time for laser cutter tom66 11/22/15
New electronics retail/design company - thoughts please? Dave Rowntree 11/22/15
Lathe Inductions this Saturday (14th Nov) Aidan 11/19/15
Christmas Do - Co-hosted by Leeds based tech and digital meet-up groups Kimberley Bottomley 11/19/15
Interesting news for photography nerds Nav 11/18/15
Anyone around Saturday 1045? Japoteg 11/16/15
Laser cutter's card reader LED DrBwts 11/16/15
Decorating the walls Japoteg 11/16/15
Ply wood storage DrBwts 11/13/15
New BBC Series - Britain's Best Builds! Davinia Richardson 11/12/15
Visicut questions n6sout...@hotmail.co.uk 11/12/15
Open day sat 14th followed by social event Japoteg 11/11/15
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