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Welcome to the Leeds Hack Space mailing list.

We are a friendly group of makers and breakers based in Leeds, UK.
Anyone with an interest in anything is welcome to come and get in touch with us.

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Laser maintenance Samwise Wilson 9/25/16
Green space in the new hack space? Gary Mulder 9/24/16
joining hack space rebecca drummond 9/22/16
3D Printer PC mar...@ranyard.info 9/20/16
New Space move! Countdown... Andy51055 9/19/16
Hackspace Backpayments Japoteg 9/19/16
Engineers needed for youth work project (paid!) echo...@gmail.com 9/19/16
Electrical installation... Aidan 9/19/16
Really Basic Introduction to Fusion 360 - Wednesday 14th September, 19:30 to 20:30 Aidan 9/16/16
enabling the lathe again. Angus Taggart 9/14/16
Digital Scope Inductions / Tutorials Tom Oldbury (Email #1) 9/14/16
May not be around for a bit Matt Dyson (CuppaMatt) 9/13/16
Lathe Induction Marc Jennings 9/12/16
So what DID happen with the internet this week? mar...@ranyard.info 9/12/16
Stepped down from committee Samwise Wilson 9/12/16
Space availability Marc Jennings 9/11/16
Wiki connection security message Michael W 9/10/16
24 Hour access and Inductions mar...@ranyard.info 9/9/16
Superposition commission for artists/makers DrBwts 9/9/16
Space Availability - Have you seen Meetup? Space API? IRC? LHSOpenBot? Stanto 9/9/16
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