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Welcome to the Leeds Hack Space mailing list.

We are a friendly group of makers and breakers based in Leeds, UK.
Anyone with an interest in anything is welcome to come and get in touch with us.

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Hackspace Mendelmax Stanto 10/20/17
Insulating the craft area ceiling Japoteg 10/20/17
D & D Printed Props 10/20/17
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Laser Offline Temporarily fligg 10/20/17
Branding revisited Andy51055 10/19/17
New group project Andy51055 10/19/17
Visiting Catriona Dunn 10/19/17
Pewter casting workshop Emma Jones 10/17/17
Revive the knitting machine!- a group project Japoteg 10/17/17
Cradle of Innovation tenst...@me.com 10/15/17
using the hack space Adam Fairhall 10/12/17
Lates: Gaming at the National Science and Media Museum, Bradford - 9.11.2017 Nathan Buckley 10/12/17
Laser cutter Naomi Scrafton 10/11/17
3D Printer for sale Jack Pedleham 10/11/17
Leeds Hackspace at Light Night Japoteg 10/10/17
Hackers go climbing Japoteg 10/7/17
undelivered email timpin . 10/6/17
Becoming A Member Siya Liu 10/6/17
Pattern making for the cube Japoteg 10/5/17
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