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Welcome to the Leeds Hack Space mailing list.

We are a friendly group of makers and breakers based in Leeds, UK.
Anyone with an interest in anything is welcome to come and get in touch with us.

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The hackspace needs you for wall building! Japoteg 7/22/16
Proposal: logo/branding update Alex 7/22/16
Any car drivers want a job this weekend? Japoteg 7/22/16
Laser Cut Facility Si ieng Fung 7/21/16
Operation Move Vendo Samwise Wilson 7/21/16
There's Something Wrong with the Hackspace Server(s) - I blame the heat Stanto 7/20/16
Fizzy drinks james riley 7/13/16
Will anyone be around Wednesday or Thursday Alice Royston 7/13/16
participation in the Europe-wide Linux Presentation Day Hauke Laging 7/13/16
Appeal for interviewees for a 3D Printing orientated research project Callum Neal 7/11/16
want to help reach out to potential new members? Japoteg 7/9/16
Screwfix order - heading there this morning Andy Cook 7/7/16
Floor thread - self levelling, carpet tiles etc Andy Cook 7/6/16
Kickstarting the renovations - This weekened! Japoteg 7/4/16
Wuthering Bytes, Fri 2nd-Sun 11th September. Andrew Back 7/4/16
This weekends jobs at the new hackspace Japoteg 7/4/16
Sourcing components from Shenzhen, talk at Bridge Rectifier, Sunday 3rd July. Andrew Back 7/2/16
Digital Scope for the Space - Funding Tom Oldbury (Email #1) 7/1/16
Tuesday 28th Thankyous phillip....@gmail.com 7/1/16
Website certificate issues Marc Jennings 7/1/16
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