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We are a friendly group of makers and breakers based in Leeds, UK.
Anyone with an interest in anything is welcome to come and get in touch with us.

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Inductions Wanted James Rogers 5:37 AM
3D Printers Repair/Maintonence and Upgrades James Rogers 4:02 AM
Re: [freecycle_wakefield] OFFER: Table saw (Doncaster road, Wakefield) timpin . 3:59 AM
Great solder skills Gavin 3:49 AM
Leeds Hackspace AGM 20th June 2017 Japoteg 3:13 AM
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3D Printing Meetup - It's so nice, we're having it twice Stanto 6/24/17
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Should we have vending machines back? Stanto 6/22/17
visiting steven schofield 6/22/17
3D Printer - crowdfunding? Stanto 6/21/17
Go-pro type camera timpin 6/20/17
Hosting Leeds Repair Cafe? Japoteg 6/20/17
Lincoln Green Community Centre - Leeds Heroes - A Burmantofts Community Art Project Ian Croney 6/20/17
Soldering iron left on Aidan 6/20/17
3D Printing Meetup - Who's in? Stanto 6/18/17
Open night Adam Hardy 6/18/17
Dogs in spaaaaaace timpin 6/18/17
Perpetual Motion Machine Andy51055 6/16/17
ASMbly 2017 Call for participants Lawrence Molloy 6/16/17
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