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Welcome to the Leeds Hack Space mailing list.

We are a friendly group of makers and breakers based in Leeds, UK.
Anyone with an interest in anything is welcome to come and get in touch with us.

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Turning a glow plug model engin into a lithion battery charger onlyha...@gmail.com 1/19/17
Would hack space be able to use some pry bars? Ian Oliver 1/18/17
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Installing linux / ubuntu on old iBook G4 tenst...@me.com 1/15/17
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Need an RFID card to access the space? Japoteg 1/15/17
Needing more inductors/ maintainers for 3d printer and vinyl cutter. Japoteg 1/13/17
Clean up after yourselves - If you want ants, this is how you get ants Stanto 1/12/17
3d Printers Ewan Malone 1/12/17
Hackspace tasks! Japoteg 1/10/17
Threaded Rod - 16TPI Marc Jennings 1/10/17
Saw Setup Marc Jennings 1/9/17
MagSafe a normal laptop Bam Bam 1/7/17
Interested in using your facilities wes brookes 1/6/17
Bristol Hackspace anyone? DrBwts 1/6/17
projects Cathy - Jean Hyman 1/6/17
Wiki edit access / accounts Marc Jennings 1/5/17
Back room storage damp issue Japoteg 1/4/17
Laser Cutter: Now working! Aidan 1/1/17
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