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We are a friendly group of makers and breakers based in Leeds, UK.
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Workshop Induction Needed michaele...@gmail.com 5:21 AM
paper printer Japoteg 1/22/18
Mural for craft area Andy51055 1/22/18
Laser cutter Andy51055 1/22/18
Free: Amiga Format Magazines circa 1993 Stanto 1/22/18
Sauron network monitoring Tom Hargreaves 1/22/18
3D Printer "Felix" Printed Props 1/22/18
BigBox E3D Printer Report Printed Props 1/22/18
Fixed: Earlex combi vac (workshop) timpin . 1/21/18
space opening time general thread samson B 1/21/18
Trip To Germany! Philco 1/19/18
The Things Network / LoraWAN(?) Gateway setup Stanto 1/18/18
Dog in space. Japoteg 1/18/18
Acrylic or perspex if you prefer Scott Kellie 1/17/18
Re:Charlotte's macbook charger Matt C 1/16/18
Charlotte Scrafton 1/15/18
I want to join up and learn woodwork. Kara Marsh 1/15/18
Missing tools and tidying up after yourself Japoteg 1/15/18
We're going to Makerfaire...again! Tom Oldbury (Email #2) 1/15/18
Men's mental health event Lisa Bourne 1/13/18
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