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We are a friendly group of makers and breakers based in Leeds, UK.
Anyone with an interest in anything is welcome to come and get in touch with us.

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Embroidery machine decision and pledge drive? Japoteg 3:01 AM
Blue Painters Tape Owen Grein 10/27/16
Event Alert || Find a Tech job is coming it Leeds! Samantha Hepburn 10/26/16
New Hackspace Server and Networking Infrastructure Query Stanto 10/21/16
CNC Mill progress Samwise Wilson 10/21/16
PhD help (tilt angle electronics) Philippa Hill 10/20/16
No electric at new space this evening off...@permaculture.org.uk 10/20/16
No electricity this evening at new space tenst...@me.com 10/20/16
Laser maintenance Samwise Wilson 10/19/16
Magnifier(?) next to Soldering Station Stanto 10/19/16
Team Day Felix Ryan 10/18/16
Hackspace Move - It's this weekend! Saturday 10AM at Old Space Aidan 10/18/16
Arduino Uno running of Cells - 18650 Bam Bam 10/18/16
"Last Chance" pile Tom Oldbury (Email #1) 10/14/16
Joining hacker space Joshua Akester 10/13/16
Hackspace Move Date - 15th & 16th October Aidan 10/13/16
Pledge drive: microscope Samwise Wilson 10/12/16
Space availability Marc Jennings 10/12/16
Box of Bits Taimur Khan 10/12/16
UV Pi Angus Taggart 10/11/16
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