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We are a friendly group of makers and breakers based in Leeds, UK.
Anyone with an interest in anything is welcome to come and get in touch with us.

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Beard Oil Parsley 4:11 AM
New Dungeons & Dragons Game Starting Fri Evening! - [Newbie Friendly] Matt Dyson-Bird (CuppaMatt) 4:03 AM
**If you are coming to Makerfaire** Tom Oldbury (Email #2) 4/20/18
Bench Grinder - Safety & Courtesy Aidan 4/15/18
Laser cutter induction David Veron 4/12/18
Carbon Footprint of IT - speakers/discussants for Leeds Digital Festival Anzir Boodoo 4/12/18
Lathe - Out of order Aidan 4/11/18
Smoking (food) Andy51055 4/11/18
Large project request Laser cutter Storage at Leeds Hackspace 4/10/18
Large project request Wind harp Storage at Leeds Hackspace 4/7/18
We're going to Makerfaire...again! Tom Oldbury (Email #2) 4/6/18
Return of the silver ring making workshop Japoteg 4/6/18
Hackspace Workstations Bennett 4/5/18
Home brewing at the hackspace. Japoteg 4/5/18
Big Ass LED Displays: Creating some patterns? Tom Oldbury (Email #2) 4/3/18
Visiting Request Jack Gale 4/3/18
Revive the knitting machine!- a group project Japoteg 4/2/18
Big-Ass LED Displays: Final call for Attendees Tom Oldbury (Email #2) 4/1/18
Are these useful? Tim Pinder 3/30/18
Pinball machine group project Japoteg 3/30/18
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