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We are a friendly group of makers and breakers based in Leeds, UK.
Anyone with an interest in anything is welcome to come and get in touch with us.

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Lase Cutter Induction Request n6sout...@hotmail.co.uk 2:05 AM
Leeds Hackspace @ Light Night Leeds 2015 - Trinity Centre "The 7th Wave" Matt C 10/3/15
Bio Hacking Japoteg 10/2/15
Outreach sponsorship - Pint of Science James Bailey 10/2/15
3D printer induction DrBwts 9/29/15
Vinyl Cutter unnaway 9/28/15
Sheffield Visit Angus Taggart 9/28/15
Ragworm (pcb manufacturers) are visiting Stanto 9/22/15
Anyone from near Bradford - Got some electric stuff for the hackspace Bam Bam 9/22/15
Community Crowdfunding Project - Left Bank Soup- September 23rd, 7pm Lianne Potter 9/18/15
LiV RPi - Raspberry Pi based open source indoor air quality monitor AlfredC 9/15/15
LED Cube - Pop-Up Festival Gammie Kay 9/15/15
Sheffield Hackspace Angus Taggart 9/14/15
EMFCamp 2016 Stanto 9/11/15
Leeds Museums and Galleries visit to Leeds Hack Space - Monday 17th August Elizabeth Chadwick 9/10/15
HTTPS Certificate Error on Wiki Stanto 9/10/15
group interviews with members for a research project Carlo Perrotta 9/8/15
Laser cutter out of action Alex 9/7/15
Moving back to Leeds & would like yto rejoin the Hackspace DrBwts 9/7/15
CBBC Casting - Absolute Tech Genius Lisa Young 9/7/15
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