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We are a friendly group of makers and breakers based in Leeds, UK.
Anyone with an interest in anything is welcome to come and get in touch with us.

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Saturday clear out. Japoteg 4/26/17
Does anyone want this table? Japoteg 4/26/17
Member storage upgrades and the big box of shame. Japoteg 4/25/17
Membership Alex Halfpenny 4/25/17
Thunderbirds Are Go! Ian Oliver 4/25/17
Panic button hack Gareth Thomas 4/25/17
Leeds International Festival Events Group Phil Hutchinson 4/25/17
Anyone in the space on Monday afternoon? Philco 4/24/17
the 3d printers update Japoteg 4/21/17
vacuum former Stephanie Robinson 4/19/17
Arcade machine possible fix? Scott Kellie 4/17/17
Large (broken) clock in Hackspace Anzir Boodoo 4/17/17
Workshop ventilation Stanto 4/16/17
Donation to the craft area Ari Lloyd 4/16/17
Member storage Japoteg 4/14/17
18mm MDF Ian Oliver 4/13/17
Laser cutter inductors Japoteg 4/13/17
Claim/keep/dispose? - copper coils Japoteg 4/13/17
Bank holiday friday who else is coming in? Japoteg 4/12/17
Looking for a wood working space dscaife11 4/12/17
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