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Welcome to the Leeds Hack Space mailing list.

We are a friendly group of makers and breakers based in Leeds, UK.
Anyone with an interest in anything is welcome to come and get in touch with us.

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Meteorite Watching & Camping George Scott 2:00 PM
Dilbert Ian Oliver 10:26 AM
Insulating the craft area ceiling Japoteg 10:23 AM
Get your knit on Stanto 6:18 AM
Laser Cutting Induction Rhea D'Souza 6:13 AM
Leeds Hack Space v3 - Replacing the main electrical feed to HackSpace v3 - Help required �� Adam D. Horden 8/21/17
This place looks amazing j_o...@hotmail.co.uk 8/21/17
Vinyl cutter Marc Jennings 8/20/17
Mendlemax work Troy West 8/18/17
Trip To Germany! Philco 8/17/17
Make:Shift:Do Update Zoe Dennington 8/17/17
Membership Paul Marchant 8/16/17
For sale: Brand new Seagate 3TB NAS hard drive £81.99 Alex Silcock 8/15/17
Chip Hack EDSAC Challenge 2017 Judith Jones 8/10/17
Broken: Laser Cutter buildtherobots 8/9/17
Any chance of a 3D printer induction? petet...@gmail.com 8/9/17
Keeping in the loop for take away orders. George Scott 8/8/17
Flight sims Gareth Thomas 8/5/17
Tuesday evenings Qasim Nawaz 8/1/17
North Carolina Hackspace Destroyed by Fire Phil Hutchinson 8/1/17
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