This group is for discussion of new features, bugs, and any other issue related to LastCalc, a web-based calculator / functional programming language.

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now you can share your LastCalc function definitions! Ian (LastCalc author) 5/5/12
Extending LastCalc Ian (LastCalc author) 4/15/12
More work on Architecture documentation Ian (LastCalc author) 3/18/12
Architecture documentation Ian (LastCalc author) 3/14/12
jQuery css selectors faulty? iWantToKeepAnon 3/13/12
Augmenting LiveCalc with a computer algebra system. Ted Kosan 3/13/12
Feature request: bitwise xor Johan Sannemo 3/12/12
Re: [lastcalc] Contributions from non java programmers Ian (LastCalc author) 3/12/12
Want to contribute to LastCalc? Here are some easy ways to get started Ian (LastCalc author) 3/11/12
Log Base 2? Josiah 3/10/12
Front page of Slashdot right now Ian (LastCalc author) 3/10/12
Can we make scripts of functions to share in a library? rip 3/10/12
Announcement: LastCalc source code open sourced under the GNU Affero General Public License Ian (LastCalc author) 3/10/12
Open sourcing LastCalc Ian (LastCalc author) 3/9/12
Are there types in this language? Matt Habel 2/21/12
fixing a common mistake Ian (LastCalc author) 2/18/12
retrieve issue? Michael Grube 2/7/12
New Feature: Pull data from webpages Ian (LastCalc author) 2/4/12
[BUG] Divide by zero, then gives operation answer in / 0 equation. zachary 1/31/12
Built Collection Lookups Liam Goodacre 1/31/12
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