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Welcome to the LangPop forum David N. Welton 10/29/08
Future of LangPop matthew rummler 7/14/15
Request to add Harbour Kevin Carmody 3/9/15
2015 Survey - State of the Geek Andrew Solomon 1/28/15
Use of caps Jack Stansbury 12/26/14
What are the three sites you use where languages are discussed? Jack Stansbury 12/26/14
Popularity of InfoBasic Steve Mueller 6/4/14
Language Request: Groovy Kevin G 1/6/14
How do a program become popular and gets adopted worldwide? Max 6/22/12
List of significant languages ric 4/13/12, fantastic site! lsiden 12/22/11
New request: job postings משה קורת'ה 11/4/11
Distinction between unmanaged VB and VB.NET Fábio 7/22/11
Request: Add Career Based Data Source(s) Nogwater 4/11/11
Debian/Ubuntu Popularity Contest as a data source Eric 4/11/11
Need clarification Nicholas Sterling 12/19/10
Feature idea: Trend reporting Rick Wayne 10/27/10
Consider including XQuery in your statistics wyrostek22 9/7/10
New Language Request: Matlab Mark 8/18/10
New language request (Clojure) Omarin 8/10/10
GitHub as a source of data Eugene Fedin 7/29/10
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