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Welcome to the KY / IN 3D Group Randall 3/10/13
India's Leading 3D Printer Manufacturers company | Global 3d labs arohi rani 4/13/18
3D Printers in Northern Kentucky? Karina McGill 1/6/15
Selling i2 Prusa Randall 5/1/14
3/8" Machine Collet for Milling Machine, missing or broken? Daniel Porter 3/12/14
Need y-idler parts printed in Louisville, KY ASAP! Jesse Szypulski 3/8/14
PET Tape Trip Report Brad Luyster 1/24/14
3DBUILDUP Printers "CONTEST" Oscar Meschi 10/15/13
Optimal Software Setup for MakerBot Replicator 2(X) Allen Jiang 10/7/13
Help needed with 35 printer build / setup Gary Matheis 10/5/13
Please join 3D Hubs to get home 3D printing for hire going in Louisville Tony Shulthise 9/25/13
cheapest filament seacans 8/16/13
3D Printer Zoo at Louisville Mini Maker Faire Christopher Cprek 8/7/13
Monoprice now selling filament Brad Luyster 7/31/13
Have extra 200Watt Power supplies if anyone needs one. Daniel Porter 7/26/13
New "Simpson" style design Christopher Cprek 6/21/13
All metal hot-end group fab Christopher Cprek 5/29/13
My Kisslicer Settings Brad Luyster 4/28/13
Slic3r is Nicer the_dookie_doodler 4/20/13
Need some suggestions with a problem... Daniel Porter 4/16/13
Prusa Firmware from Build Off? Randall 4/15/13
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