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This is a mailing list for Knox Makers. We are a hackerspace located in the greater Knoxville area. Anyone is welcome to join the group and take part in discussions!

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robotic spinnerets Issac 9/3/15
Volunteer for MAD SCIENCE! Issac 9/2/15
We may be able to get some free/cheap stuff Dan Ciarlette 9/2/15
Digital Workshop Jeff Nichols 9/1/15
Looking for a python / JAVA coder volunteer Shweta Gupte 9/1/15
Schedule for isolation routed PCB and surface mount soldering Joe Pardue 8/31/15
machines making things Issac 8/31/15
Isolation routed PCB and surface mount soldering Joe Pardue 8/30/15
Lock Picking Tubular Locks? Jeff Nichols 8/26/15
Open Hack Joe Pardue 8/20/15
Fwd: KM Volunteer Needs James Broyles 8/18/15
Tuesday Night Project Share Rob 8/16/15
potential Tuesday night: SEO? James Broyles 8/14/15
facial un-recognition glasses Issac 8/14/15
SILENCE IS FOO! Issac 8/14/15
Open Hardware Summit Jondale Stratton 8/13/15
Issac's cellular automation. Joe Pardue 8/12/15
cellular automata TOMORROW Issac 8/12/15
the gentrification of the hacker subculture Issac 8/11/15
Trim porcelain steel panels to size? Rob Scott 8/10/15
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