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This is a mailing list for Knox Makers. We are a hackerspace located in the greater Knoxville area. Anyone is welcome to join the group and take part in discussions!

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anyone attending the FAB11 conference in Boston in August? Winand 7/7/15
And now more reasons to put food in the laser cutter pestes 7/7/15
Anyone interested in FPV Racing? Bret 7/6/15
Bumblebee heating bed James Broyles 6/29/15
KMBI: the boat descends James Broyles 6/28/15
Hello World Nate Phillip 6/27/15
Any way to know when the space is open? David Jung 6/26/15
voltage for nothin' Issac 6/25/15
PocketNC Desktop 5-axis CNC Jondale Stratton 6/24/15
Knoxville Hamfest this Saturday n2wn 6/24/15
Arduino and car data logging Ben Mayer 6/23/15
New member (probationary) Noel Kuck 6/22/15
Pi Wars 2015 in UK announced Andy Cowell 6/22/15
impolite hacker jets, pizza for all James Broyles 6/20/15
saws for sale Butch 6/20/15
machines scanning machines James Broyles 6/19/15
LEDs/Resistors Available? Nate Phillip 6/19/15
Winand, with lasers James Broyles 6/19/15
Live link to interview panel James Broyles 6/18/15
"Issac's Hair" group build II James Broyles 6/18/15
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