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This is a mailing list for Knox Makers. We are a hackerspace located in the greater Knoxville area. Anyone is welcome to join the group and take part in discussions!

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[Knox Makers] Tool Donation President 12/3/16
[Knox Makers] Work Day: Saturday, 12/3 at 9AM President 12/3/16
New FIRST Robics Team needs Mentors!!!! Rebecca Morton 11/21/16
OEM investment casting lost wax casting vendor from China Jessie Zhao 11/18/16
>> vacuum flourescent displays << Butch 11/13/16
[Knox Makers] Saturday 11/12 Space Work Day starting at 9AM Laz 11/10/16
3D Scanner Joe Pardue 11/5/16
Computer cases on member storage and old CRT next to electronics Sam the Giant 11/3/16
Your favorite tech blog? Butch 11/2/16
on open source software Issac 10/27/16
Hosting viewing for documentary Code: Debugging the Gender Gap Relative Prime 10/17/16
Fundamentals of Manufacturing Processes Ben Mayer 10/14/16
Awesome use of floppies, hard drives, scanners, arduinos and Python :) primalgeek 10/12/16
Makhan, is this an example of the mirror your making? primalgeek 10/12/16
Strange code James Broyles 10/11/16
A few plaques that Justin made primalgeek 10/7/16
We need folding tables. Joe Pardue 10/6/16
Oscilloscope music, this is too cool primalgeek 10/5/16
Arduino 101 Class a big success. Joe Pardue 10/3/16
Anyone around? Timothy Gebhard 10/2/16
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