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This is a mailing list for Knox Makers. We are a hackerspace located in the greater Knoxville area. Anyone is welcome to join the group and take part in discussions!

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Any local activity for Pi day? Butch 3/1/15
A good day for the internet. Eric Thornton 3/1/15
Adafruit Group Buy for March Makhan Virdi 2/28/15
Do we want 78 ounces of thermoplastic for free? James Broyles 2/27/15
Print your own circuit boards Makhan Virdi 2/26/15
Circuit Scribe tonight James Broyles 2/23/15
web site status mrtimklein 2/23/15
Weird spam in website google results Dan McCormack 2/23/15
My two cents. Eric Thornton 2/23/15
Rigol DS1052E knobs not responding Dan McCormack 2/23/15
Lulzbot giving away printers to hackerspaces dblevi 2/19/15
Any trainees want to get trained/certified on the laser cutter? Elster 2/19/15
Making through the power outage Jeff Larkin 2/17/15
Intro to Steampunk rescheduled for 3/10 @ 7PM James Broyles 2/16/15
PLA at Radio Shack Jesse Merritt 2/15/15
Pretty awesome Justin Childress 2/15/15
Goldfinger/Bumblebee Work Day 2/15/15 @ 1PM Laz 2/14/15
BSides Knoxville - Computer Security/Hacking conference in May Adrian 2/13/15
Knoxmakers IRC channel still in use? Emily Schleiner 2/13/15
PKN Plans Tonight Laz 2/12/15
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