Knowledge Data Releases

In the coming months we are going to release a number of datasets, which we hope you might find useful if you're working on information retrieval, information extraction, or more generally on text processing. I've created this mailing list to post announcements of such datasets when they become available, as well as discuss the use of these datasets in academic research.
This is planned to be a low-traffic list. If you think your collaborators might find this list useful, please let them know about it.


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CFP: Entity Recognition and Disambiguation Challenge Evgeniy Gabrilovich 2/25/14
New data release: judged instances of relations extracted from Wikipedia Evgeniy Gabrilovich 2/19/14
A roundup of our data releases over the last year Evgeniy Gabrilovich 12/3/13
New data release: Freebase Annotations of the ClueWeb Corpora (FACC1) Evgeniy Gabrilovich 7/17/13
New data release: Freebase deleted triples Evgeniy Gabrilovich 7/9/13
New data release: Freebase annotations for TREC Million Query Track and Web Track queries Evgeniy Gabrilovich 5/30/13
Our inaugural dataset has been released ! Evgeniy Gabrilovich 4/11/13