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Any questions regarding the network manager asked here will be replied to.

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simple question about the style of the CLI theme 12:44 AM
Disconnect problem every 5 minute 3/2/15
Nickname taken..... from the same IP address.. Mods help please? 2/27/15
Removing a network from account EJ 2/27/15
Kiwi IRC down? 2/21/15
kiwi irc doesn't support mobile phone 。 2/20/15
New ident bug 2/12/15
"Server Not Found" 2/10/15
Plugins jonnyboy 2/8/15
Mess up decode, today 1/28/15
QuakeNet G-lines 1/22/15
klined on efnet Jonathan Deitch 1/22/15
G-lines 1/21/15
cant connect to irc server with ssl... 1/16/15
Verification mail never arrived. 1/14/15
KiwiIRC doesn't start up nor generates log file rizu mukherjee 12/22/14 failure prawnsalad 12/12/14
Server not responding Michael Chean 12/8/14
Stucked at verifying 12/5/14
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