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set default theme cookies [idea] 7/30/17
not working in IRCNet 7/20/17
Add Extra Fields Like Age , Gender , Locaton 7/17/17
text style cookies 7/17/17
problem iframe smartphone Antonio Mestre 7/16/17
Kiwi IRC gets sponsored by PrivateInternetAccess prawnsalad 7/13/17
confused Karla Elsasser 7/9/17
Maicko 7/9/17
It looks like some connections stand still waiting with the message "connection in progress" Francesco Mapelli 7/7/17
Translation to Basque Aitor Lopez de Aberasturi 7/5/17
When I login, every user in the channel is automatically on ignore. Why? 6/16/17
Display number of people connected on a website 6/2/17
Notify when PVs are closed juanam 5/25/17
KiwiIrc now working with SSL enabled 5/11/17
Box identify Nuno Silva 4/24/17
Ajouter un bouton "Salons" sur KiwiIRC (Add a button "channels" on KiwiIRC) Des Tiny 4/22/17
Hide Status Bernard Leite 4/22/17
Having some issues with scripts Sébastien Bosse-Platière 4/21/17
Why does Kiwi not work when accessed from internal network in chrome and firefox? 4/11/17
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