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Error Connecting [No more connections allowed from your host] 10/4/15
== Cannot send message to channel, you are not voiced Can somebody help? 10/3/15
Two questions David Gamer 99 9/27/15
Error 2015-08-21 01:01:45 - warn: irc_connection error (zeus.*****.net): code=EPIPE, errno=EPIPE, 9/18/15
Connection Error 9/15/15
Server not being verified. Andrew 9/15/15
Help Help me@@ trường nguyễn 9/10/15
Client 9/6/15
i try all of tutorial i find on google for enable webirc on nefarious2 9/5/15
Password Reset Email not Arriving 9/4/15
Image embeds when using widget? Brian Hogan 8/28/15
Recover the nick in index.html.tmpl 8/21/15
Need help 8/18/15
Control Input Messages. 8/17/15
Prefixes not recognized (Maybe IRCd related) 8/4/15
Re: verification bot taking forever to connect prawnsalad 8/2/15
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