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Music app written in kivy now uploaded to GooglePlay (soon App Store too) Garrett Armstrong 6/29/15
[ANN] New video provider for iOS / Android: ffpyplayer Mathieu Virbel 6/29/15
Error displaying textures ivan limonov 6/29/15
Download page needs a helpful notice Ross Burnett 6/28/15
How to use Flat Kivy Paarth Tandon 6/28/15
draw glowing lines with Kivy? Bill Janssen 6/28/15
Use Kivy within Intellij IDEA + Python plugin / Pycharm Lúthien Merilin 6/28/15
Problem while creating a Android Package VISHWAM PANDYA 6/27/15
Embedding an interactive window into kivy Cochemuacos 6/27/15
How do I add adbuddiz to my Kivy app? Kivy is cool 6/27/15
ImportError: No module named Cython.Distutils (BUT there is) Brian MacDiarmuide 6/27/15
How to do "The Pull-To-Refresh"? ivan limonov 6/26/15
ReStructuredText on Android 6/26/15
ImportError: No module named app Sanket Dasgupta 6/26/15
Iterate over buttons in GridLayout VDK 6/26/15
How to use Kivy 1.9.0 with PTVS 2.2? David Aldrich 6/25/15
Getting builtildozer error on Mac OSX 10.9.5 SteveK 6/24/15
Call functions from another classes Julio CamPlaz 6/24/15
Best practice when including own modules Martin P. 6/24/15
Trouble with buildozer install on Mac SteveK 6/23/15
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