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Installing Kivy Manually (No Package Managers) using Anaconda Python Scott Mauceri 7/22/16
Display on PC vs mobile issues Stephen Rafferty 7/22/16
OpenCV with Kivy Richey 7/22/16
TV Remote (IR Blaster) Sagar Jaiswal 7/22/16
Occasional Queue.Empty exception in kivy-twisted reactor Roman 7/22/16
collide_widget caracteriel 7/21/16
Installing Kivy on Odroid C2 and get 3D Acceleration (OpenGL ES 2.0) Myster D. 7/21/16
class with gridlayout caracteriel 7/21/16
How to REFOCUS in TextInut after reloading the next frame. Surendrababu Nallagorla 7/20/16
xcode crash on run Benjamin Coleman 7/20/16
iOS: Operation not permitted when python uses makedirs Michael 7/20/16
Buildozer and Google Play Services rev 30 Damien Moore 7/20/16
Unable to find any valuable Window provider Caleb Ho 7/20/16
Packaging .wav sound on Windows 8 on Kivy.1.9.1-dev Anthony Seger 7/20/16
Clear TextInput text after input Yurij Mikhassiak 7/19/16
Is it possible to package matplotlib code into a custom widget? David Daiku Trowbridge 7/19/16
I am not able to REFOCUS TextInput after reload of my screen Surendrababu Nallagorla 7/19/16
iOS library Hugo 7/19/16
Admob and Kivy Paul Royik 7/18/16
Google AdMob support for kivy embryo 7/18/16
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