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Property change dispatch help Sahil Mahajan 10/3/15
GridView in ScrollLayout using an adaptor [WAS: vertical AND horizontal scrolling in ListView?] Oon-Ee Ng 10/2/15
How to reference the final flattened output texture from Kivy. Ryan Webber 10/2/15
packaging for android failed on buildozer using numpy. Shruti Chandra 10/2/15
create a popup? Drew Personal 10/1/15
Cannot import cv2 in kivy app Michel Trottier-McDonald 10/1/15
Syphon/Spout integration Marcin Panek 10/1/15
Installing Kivent and Cymunk on Kivy 1.9.0 10/1/15
Does csv module exist in Kivy Launcher on android? Alexander Petrov 10/1/15
How to use Flat Kivy Paarth Tandon 10/1/15
trying to get a list of children Drew Personal 9/30/15
Settings on_close event doesn't fire Howard Moshtael 9/30/15
ZODB running on iOS Bruce Cropley 9/30/15
Making a bar chart whose bars change whenever some underlying numbers change. John Baber 9/29/15
Can Buildozer work on a Raspberry Pi Erik van Elten 9/29/15
How To Use Kivy's Core Image? Tan Wang 9/29/15
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