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Listview optimization ? 2/24/15
[Video] Bypassing the extreme lag seek() or setting position causes? Patrick Boelens 2/24/15
kivy cairo and mobile support oly 2/23/15
Kivy android rotation problems? Karel Piorno 2/23/15
Mesh using Image.texture is upside-down Arlo 2/23/15
Buildozer Error DeanX 2/23/15
kivy android apps close immediately Debbie Rich 2/23/15
strange TUIO problem Luca Mucci 2/22/15
buildozer 'command not found' Debbie Rich 2/21/15
How to i get inverse matrix of perspective matrix. 2/21/15
OpenGL Versions and Low Level Access James Townley 2/21/15
About custom properties defined for widgets in kv language Jason Molina 2/21/15
open/resume app from service XR 2/21/15
Re: [kivy-users] Re: open/resume app from service Monia Verse 2/21/15
In iOS tag [color=] swaps red/blue so #FFFF55 is cyan. It is yellow on linux,android,mac AlexH 2/21/15
Re: [kivy-users] Re: kivy android apps close immediately Monia Verse 2/21/15
Update Kivy VirtualBox VM Kivy v1.5.2-dev -> v1.9.0-dev Olle 2/20/15
mysql connector not working DeanX 2/20/15
Buildozer error when making apk file Tâm Vũ Quang 2/20/15
I'll keep trying David Goldsmith - NOAA Affiliate 2/19/15
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