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RecycleView and Checkbox issue MTeani 6/25/16
buildozer fails to compile ffpyplayer Carsten Thielepape 6/25/16
import zope.testbrowser doesn't work nadko28 6/25/16
widget with a render_context and transforms use_parent_projection Matthew Egbert 6/24/16
Start script on startup on raspberry Raymond 6/24/16
Including emojis in a TextInput _ Leva7 _ 6/24/16
Kivy not working, but not rendering Guga Figueiredo 6/24/16
Image in Widget is Greyed Out- But only the first one in each Layout GreyGnome 6/23/16
Error: No event listeners have been created David Daiku Trowbridge 6/23/16
Getting Kivy 1.9.1 to run under Python3 in Linux Paul MacNeil 6/23/16
Is there a way of displaying a web page inside of a kivy widget on Kivypi image flux 6/23/16
How to add print command on_press Sheena Wadhwa 6/23/16
Grabbing Touch without Delay özge n. yalçın 6/22/16 just a black.jpg goshfather 6/22/16
How to install kivy on win10 (x64) (Python 3.4) Minas Morgul 6/22/16
Kivy import error Marc SCHMITT 6/22/16
Open IOS gallery with python/kivy Andre Victor 6/22/16
kivy android pyjnius jar file access problems mung kie 6/21/16
New indie game in development: That Untravelled World Tim Sheerman-Chase 6/21/16
button image works individually but not when added to other part of the program Arash Gholami 6/21/16
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