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Change label et button text Alexis Charvet 9/23/16
Image Sequence on Android Paulo Junior 9/22/16
Pyjnius, Facebook/Google SDK for Sign in Button with Kivy Guga Figueiredo 9/22/16
Kivy on Android with MP3 support André MIRAS 9/22/16
Import function says "Name error NoTransition not defined"> Poorna chandra 9/21/16
drag n drop showcase Pavel Kostelník 9/20/16
normal bug engmms 9/20/16
Issue installing 1.9.1 on Windows 64: kiy.deps.gstreamer OPQ 9/20/16
kivy says no window available even though allpackages are installed crrectly in windows 10 Surya Prakash 9/20/16
Raspberry HD camera V2 dont work Kjell Berge 9/20/16
Browsing files on the internet? Omar Little 9/20/16
Python4Android Dependancies John Bell 9/19/16
How to install kivy.deps.gstreamer on ubuntu??? Cheng Wei Lu 9/19/16
Buildozer Packing Error Joey daniel darko 9/19/16
How do you run a kivy example 9/19/16
Getting and Setting self.root.ids.my_label information for all methodes Amir Teymuri 9/19/16
SQLite3 on Android problem Philipp Glaw 9/18/16
softinput_mode='below_target' on iOS bearnun 9/18/16
Issues with Kivy Sound/Video installation 9/17/16
Setting actions for notifications on Android. Monia Verse 9/17/16
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