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Issue installing 1.9.1 on Windows 64: kiy.deps.gstreamer OPQ 2/8/16
Is there a way to move tabs from TabbedPanel to the side of the layout? Atrian Wagner 2/8/16
Windows package .spec + PyCrypto NumesSanguis 2/8/16
Kivy 1.9.1 issue with bind to on_keyboard of Window object for keyboard shortcuts Kyle Hardin 2/8/16
Re: [kivy-users] change line color on button press Oon-Ee Ng 2/7/16
Kivy Question Yevgeniy Vasilyev 2/7/16
ListView custom items with variable size, some don't appear Oon-Ee Ng 2/7/16
Kivy Designer Virtual Keyboard Arshpreet Singh 2/7/16
get MAC address on android Aritra Das 2/6/16
Bind to is_selected of ListItemButton Jonas Zimmermann 2/6/16
Newb help - best way to setup log/DB viewing app Jacob Martin 2/6/16
Android: cannot locate symbol "pow" referenced by "" Andreas Heckwolf 2/6/16
camera in portrait mode on android mpad 2/6/16
Phone payments Milos Bulatovic 2/6/16
Focus on Spinner Mihály Mirk 2/5/16
Need help understanding Metrics and --size= argument 2/5/16
Problem with dual display on Raspberry Pi Felix Gerstenberg 2/4/16
Kivy on Windows OS Paul Squires 2/4/16
problem with gspread on kivy Bruno Weiss 2/3/16
New to Kivy Aaron 2/3/16
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