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Change height of list items in listview dynamically Thomas Schulz 10/23/16
Can Android open a vkeyboard instead of system keyboard? Ian Collins 10/23/16
Scatter and BoxLayout 10/23/16
Change button text dynamically in kivy Андрей Федоренко 10/22/16
Binding callbacks to Events GreyGnome 10/22/16
How to Add a Widget to a Layout in a position fixed to its size? GreyGnome 10/22/16
Installing kivy on el capitain imp9 10/22/16
Abstract Classes in Pyjnius Micah Johnson 10/21/16
Kivy and gradient fills Eric 10/21/16
how I import a binary file? Hack Loper 10/21/16
adding buttons and changing text all in python. 10/21/16
Correction to the instructions for installation of kivy «Using MacPorts with pip» Sergey Yanovets 10/21/16
anottation @javascriptInterface francisco jose 10/20/16
dynamic Popup size with multiline Label Mike 10/20/16
Help Required | App compiling on windows Tarun Dhiman 10/19/16
Kivy Launcher Permissions Loonecoder 10/18/16
Implementing an email client Bence Hegyi 10/18/16
disabled spinner background_color Mihály Mirk 10/17/16
FileChooser: font-color Mihály Mirk 10/17/16
Scroll_to behaviour Mihály Mirk 10/17/16
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