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vKeyboard pops up on Recycleview Juan-Carlos Furest 6/18/17
remove the settings panel krister viirsaar 6/18/17
kivy program returns the following error when i run it Marrion Martin 6/18/17
App crashing on start for Huawei Phones William Hunter Knight 6/18/17
first example Window displays what is behind it. Sam Oberholtzer 6/17/17
position of slider ANJALI GUPTA 6/17/17
kv file in application directory loaded automatically by app().run() Piet Stevens 6/17/17
KIvy AsyncImage and cache Klieber frederic 6/17/17
Save/restore size and position of app John Anderson 6/16/17
Kivy RecycleView, RecycleGridLayout, Scrollable Label problems Mox 6/16/17
RecycleView max recursion error cross post from SO Mox 6/16/17
Google's OAuth2 with Kivy? Bill Janssen 6/16/17
Need Technical Support Aladdin Hammodi 6/15/17
if i want to add a user name and a password to my app how should i write this Aladdin Hammodi 6/15/17
Button background image Juan Carlos 6/15/17
Restricting line drawing to a single environment Zachary Luppen 6/15/17
[ANN] Kivy/Buildozer VM 2.0 released Mathieu Virbel 6/15/17
Name Lock is not defined problem JIEREN JIA 6/15/17
Multi-touch on android not working Chris 6/13/17
Help Support John Emma 6/13/17
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