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kivy install issues ubuntu Geekademy 5/19/18
Any examples of using an OAuth2 provider? Andy Beak 5/19/18
Runtime permissions on android Leonardo Oliveira 5/18/18
Virtual keyboard layout switch Igor Tarara 5/18/18
Unable to get a Window, abort. Elias Coutinho 5/18/18
what is the release date of kivy ppa for ubuntu bionic beaver? Gaurav Raheja 5/18/18
How to make an application responsive in kivy ? mahmud al hasan 5/16/18
How to unite some subwidgets in kv like blocks Николай Чернобровин 5/16/18
Getting the device's screen resolution Auggie 5/16/18
Desktop available through interface Danila Allinn 5/16/18
Building a chessboard Andy Beak 5/16/18
Event on tuching navigation Drawer Javier Uribe 5/16/18
p4a recipe for tensorflow 5/15/18
Text Input modification. Istiak Ahamed 5/15/18
Kivy TextInput Errors Monia Verse 5/15/18
Carousel slide distance binding Lomelgande 5/14/18
I'm having trouble with building APK in buildozer 5/14/18
Accented characters from a kivy textinput don't work in android Laurent Estieve 5/14/18
Collide_widget not working right 5/14/18
Android App - How to call NDK library from Kivy ? 5/14/18
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