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[Survey] Documentation improvement Mathieu Virbel 12/24/17
Kivy 1.10.0 released Mathieu Virbel 11/15/17
Can't install kivy for python 3.6.3 in virtualenv Madhura Bhogate 1/17/18
Can't install Kivy on Mac Lars van Scheijndel 1/17/18
Can't install kivy for python 3.6.3 Madhura Bhogate 1/17/18
Rendering an .obj (maybe with ddd) and changing its orientation by sensor data Martin Flecmart 1/17/18
Building Android APK with numpy and matplotlib Peter F 1/17/18
compilation required ilias iliadis 1/17/18
Custom camera provider Timm 1/17/18
Custom keyboard on Android Phisatho 1/17/18
How to create the Keystore file? Barney Gumble Channel 1/17/18
No Output in Jupyter notbook while running Kivy kishore odugu 1/17/18
How to change label colour dynamically? ilias iliadis 1/16/18
Installing kivy linux Himanshu Pharawal 1/16/18
How can I reduce the slider size? Jungkyu 1/16/18
app opens, says loading and vanishes 1/16/18
How do I get the value from a TextInput widget when the user presses a key? Renan Gomes 1/15/18
buildozer problems ilias iliadis 1/15/18
Run out of space on Buildozer VM Daniel Bill 1/15/18
Fedora repo seems to be down Alex Zhang 1/15/18
Video Not Working (Mac OSX 10.13) Mitchell B 1/15/18
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