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Kivy 1.9.1 released qua-non 8/20/16
[Survey] Documentation improvement Mathieu Virbel 8/1/16
UrlRequest's wait() "waits" forever in case of error Omar Little 12:49 AM
Raspberry HD camera V2 dont work Kjell Berge 9/28/16
How to install kivy.deps.gstreamer on ubuntu??? Cheng Wei Lu 9/28/16
Unfortunately [app-name] has stopped ! Bachir El Khadir 9/28/16
figuring out when a widget is focusable? Bill Janssen 9/28/16
Building for Android Jason Boyd 9/28/16
How to use in android mobile app? Manish Kumar 9/28/16
kivy launcher: writing to /storage/emulated/0/kivy Bill Eaton 9/27/16
Execution with display errors! Mauricio Cardona 9/27/16
Packaging App on OSx 10.11.6 troubles. EclectickMedia 9/27/16
Layout for drawing graphics on a Label in a TreeView? Brian Madden 9/27/16
Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 Kjell Berge 9/27/16
Building iOS package failed Mike 9/27/16
collecting kivy.deps.gstreamer HTTP error 502 Ferry Sue 9/27/16
Can't run my scatter app in Qpython Omar F AlQataberi 9/27/16
Background service in iOS? Brent Picasso 9/26/16
P4A : ValueError: name is too long Joey daniel darko 9/26/16
Building for both iOS and Android? Deniz Ozkaynak 9/26/16
Command failed: python -m pythonforandroid.toolchain create Frank Gould 9/26/16
Kivy + Asyncio Hello World Thomas Chen 9/25/16
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