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[Survey] Documentation improvement Mathieu Virbel 11/11/16
Kivy 1.9.1 released qua-non 8/20/16
In-App Billing within APK via Buildozer Horace Johnson 1:17 AM
archiving in xcode emsoss 12:53 AM
Capturing a window to a a set of PNG bytes Bill Janssen 12:14 AM
sharing my spa emsoss 12/4/16
Another Video for Kivy3DGUI Karel Piorno 12/4/16
Kivy OSX and PyCharm problem Tuomas Jaakkola 12/4/16
To select right project for GSOC 2017 Sumit Madhwani 12/4/16
Name 'value' is not defined 7o 7 12/4/16
Problem with defining sub-layouts Kamil Rowiński 12/4/16
Button clicks from within ScrollView not captured Omar Little 12/4/16
Can not import autoclass, objc_str, protocol pypy 12/4/16
How do I drag a rectangle for placement on a canvas? Luna Tuna 12/4/16
Installation on Raspberry Pi and camera Raphaël ANDRE 12/4/16
TextInput not working? Spencer Perkins 12/3/16
kivy build fail emsoss 12/3/16
Joystick input on a RaspberryPi Ted Coursen 12/3/16
Kivy and Tensorflow question Rich Williams 12/3/16
kivy garden knob - how to override on_knob 12/2/16
Running a Kivy app inside a PyQt4 app Hamza Hmidi 12/2/16
python scritping on android studio saeed parand 12/2/16
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