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[ANN] Kivy 1.9 released qua-non 4/7/15
[Survey] Documentation improvement Mathieu Virbel 4/7/15
Hebrew problems in KV LANG yoav glazner 3:22 AM
ImportError: No module named twisted (on OS X, Kivy1.9) Diego 12:41 AM
constructor and kv files mx 12:38 AM
In a canvas, can I create Lines and Points that are exactly one pixel wide? bwh 4/18/15
bildozer error: Could not find any downloads that satisfy the requirement cPickle mx 4/18/15
Boston area working on Kivy project, looking for some help myvidlocker 4/18/15
Touch input outside of Kivy window - Windows Jon Allsop 4/18/15
Access to socket port [Errno 99] Cannot assign requested addr & android.permissions = INTERNET servsect 4/18/15
kivy reading hardware parameters Stephan Riedel 4/18/15
1.9 FileChooserListView is this a bug? Steve B 4/17/15
unicode support (chinese for me) Jeremy Chen 4/17/15
Getting the content of a Layout as a texture? Fernando Coelho 4/17/15
Label with selectable text Ivan Sonnov 4/17/15
Help on Simple Threading Example João Abrantes 4/17/15
Kivy SHA1-Fingerprint - Buildozer unauthorised 4/17/15
How do I create a borderless window in Kivy? John Lee 4/17/15
Building for Android? Richard Jones 4/16/15
Is this a bug or feature? gau_veldt 4/16/15
Apk installation does not overwrite data 4/16/15
Running a Kivy application on Windows Charles Schwedes 4/16/15
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