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[Survey] Documentation improvement Mathieu Virbel 10/9/17
Kivy 1.10.0 released Mathieu Virbel 7/26/17
Can't build Touchtracer example project for iOS: PBXCp error Dave Toth 12:09 PM
How to send data in Cassandra Database ? Haidar ali 4:03 AM
Kivy App clashes David Sylvester 1:12 AM
Creating a List with a default selection Holger Codeman 1:01 AM
Metrics.density returns 0 on device 12:50 AM
Kivy working on ChromeOS and detetcting hardware keyboard on Android ZenCODE 12:47 AM
Recycleview doubt (Dynamically generating widgets inside view) Bruno Aguiar 10/22/17
How can kivy app autostart on boot? (Android) John Xu 10/22/17
[RecycleView] Print data from selected item Ricardo Couto 10/22/17
Dynamic add Label / Switch Objects into existing KV-Defined Layout henry herrgesell 10/22/17
Accordion dynamic Konstantinos Spanos 10/22/17
Buildozer: ImportError: No module named site хз кто 10/22/17
Can I use any python library with Kivy on Android ? Victor F 10/22/17
Where can I download the Kivy3.7z for macOS? Martin Schmid 10/22/17
Starting Kivy service on bootup (Android) saband 10/21/17
What causes the Spinner and Dropdown Widgets to become 'hidden'? CorwinSTP 10/21/17
Is image recognition on Android possible ? Victor F 10/21/17
Kivy not working on Ubuntu 17.10 Alejandro Mendez 10/21/17
debug error Jesus_Is_My_Lord 10/20/17
including aar file in buildozer process 10/20/17
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