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[Survey] Documentation improvement Mathieu Virbel 7/27/17
Kivy 1.10.0 released Mathieu Virbel 7/26/17
Can't figure out proper way to reference a widget Tyro 8:30 AM
prompt user with a proceed button to be pushed before moving cycling through next item in loop Griffo 8/18/17
Kivy, twisted and a label? Jeffrey Padfield 8/18/17
Time in Kivy Pascal Muller 8/18/17
All of kivy apps on my computer are displaying 90deg to the right. Please help. Valisoa RANDRIATAHIRISON 8/18/17
Kivy Launcher not detecting apps James 8/17/17
"No projects are available" Marcel Patoulachi 8/17/17
Kivy Complete VM ZenCODE 8/17/17
Kivy RecycleView lags Дмитрий Горбатенко 8/17/17
Service background crash Felipe França 8/17/17
buildozer arm 64 sean d'epagnier 8/16/17
Auto update sensor values on Kivy Antoine BONNET 8/16/17
Default debug Shift + O keybinding && Scrolling behaving weirdly with TextInput 8/16/17
Error while compiling to android via Buildozer Simon Larsson 8/15/17
requirements: plyer, kivy, python2 gives No module named urllib3 Pritish Yuvraj 8/13/17
Using interactive maps/location services in kivy 8/13/17
buildozer error "ImportError: No module named site" ZenCODE 8/13/17
Error displaying multiple videos on Screens with ScreenManager on raspberry 2 Pablo Ochendrowitsch 8/11/17
New to Kivy - Lots of Error Messages Michelle Kaiser 8/11/17
deepcopy and ReferenceListProperty Yoel Koenka 8/10/17
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