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where are videos from 2010 JVM languages summit? Per Bothner 3/20/14
using javac for mixed-language programming? Per Bothner 3/6/14
MethodHandle usage for interpreters James Mitchell 2/11/14
invokedynamics call information Sarika Sinha 1/23/14
[ANN] Gravel Smalltalk, a modern Smalltalk implementation for the JVM. Wouter Gazendam 12/25/13
Fwd: JVM Language Summit (Europe)? Charles Nutter 10/4/13
MethodHandles#catchException bug in jdk7u40 and jdk8ea ? blackdrag 9/27/13
jdk8 metaspace problem with indy blackdrag 9/27/13
New group to discuss adding FFI to the JVM Charles Nutter 8/27/13
Fwd: Call for speakers -- 2013 JVM Language Summit John Rose 8/21/13
ANN: Strange Loop and Emerging Langs 2013 CFP Alex Miller 4/26/13
FYI: PPPJ 13 CFP John Rose 3/28/13
Fwd: JVM Language Summit 2013: we have a date fo...@univ-mlv.fr 3/8/13
LispCast Videos Eric Normand 2/26/13
Dynalink 0.5 - now with usage from Java! Attila Szegedi 2/21/13
asm.js fo...@univ-mlv.fr 2/15/13
Hiphop JIT fo...@univ-mlv.fr 12/23/12
New JVM languges ... jamesl 11/23/12
Java Ctrie implementation james...@gmail.com 11/23/12
Help: Redline Smalltalk on JVM ... jamesl 11/19/12
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