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junaio Augmented Reality platform - Developers

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Junaio4.5 and Junaio Plugin 4.5 live + Changelist Stefan 10/7/12
How-to: Exporting .MD2 files from Cinema 4D Lennart Breel 10/15/12
Multiple Reference Images to same CosID Harsh 10/15/12
Indoor Location Based Channels cant see it in 4.5 version hemant doijad 10/14/12
Translation/Rotation of 3D Object after Loading George 10/12/12
Junaio - Samsung Galaxy S3 DEV VGI 10/11/12
Basic Problem with Creator and servers Esteban Arroyo 10/10/12
Can I make a telephone call from within Junaio AR? davem2007 10/10/12
Need help in making my own GLUE channel arezoo shirazi 10/10/12
Looking for Android tablet christin 10/9/12
junaio4.5: obj.getParameter() returns converted value. Hiroki Shibahara 10/8/12
Connect to SQL and using AREL XML libraries.. or not (don't mind)... karol 10/8/12
Glue channels - how to preload sounds and images? davem2007 10/8/12
IKEA catalogue anf channels davem2007 10/8/12
I Created video transparent clip I wont to upload into avi/mp4 format it is possible ? hemant doijad 10/8/12
Error with quickstart AREL LBS_A4 karol 10/8/12
I started to create video transparent clip I wont to change video formant 3g2 to mp4 /avi it is Y/N? hemant doijad 10/6/12
Instant Tracker Quickstart Martin Adam 10/5/12
lowering a 3D model 3 feet SteveBull 10/5/12
offline mode in junaio plugin? Huiwen Duan 10/5/12
No Camera: Asus Transformer Pad TF300T MarkD 10/4/12
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