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Improvements to GPU integration with Julia Michael Jin 4/26/16
0.5 performance David Anthoff 4/25/16
[GSoC 2016] Enabling Polyhedral Optimizations in Julia Matthias Reisinger 4/20/16
John Cowan on Multiple Inheritance for Julia Jeffrey Sarnoff 4/19/16
Julia with Xeon Phi Knights Landing Chris Rackauckas 4/18/16
Macro `@eval ex` works, but `@eval(ex)` doesn't. Ismael Venegas Castelló 4/15/16
Generating Julia code from Google's Flatbuffers schema Douglas Bates 4/14/16
Google summer of code 2016 awanish das 4/11/16
Redefining constraints Naelson Douglas 4/10/16
Naming suggestion for isdistinct/alldistint, i.e. hasduplicates Scott Jones 4/9/16
Memory pointers in Julia nae...@ic.ufal.br 4/7/16
PSA: Major changes to JuliaParser upcoming Keno Fischer 4/6/16
Extension of Julia to support decimal floating-point arithmetic? Eric Diaz 4/6/16
Proposal: Red Black Tree Athul George Appadan 4/6/16
Addition of readonly Dict type to Julia Scott Jones 4/5/16
dispatch on type of tuple with ... Tamas Papp 4/3/16
Creating an array and attaching it to a pointer to a type Douglas Bates 4/1/16
New blog post on generalizations to the array API Tim Holy 3/31/16
@code_native regresion. Ismael Venegas Castelló 3/30/16
Problem in DataStructures.jl Scott Jones 3/30/16
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