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Julia community stewards Tim Holy 7/6/16
widen and promote_rule on Float64 to BigFloat, and how to handle adding new types into widen/promote Scott Jones 6/30/16
view, sub, slice, ArrayViews David van Leeuwen 6/29/16
Optimizing StepRanges in for-loops Matthias Reisinger 6/25/16
dump missing trailing newline Curtis Vogt 6/24/16
extended bracketed paste mode for other REPLs Randy Lai 6/24/16
Infix functions / named operators Marco Matthies 6/21/16
Why is first(:) deprecated, but (:)[1] returns 1? Sheehan Olver 6/20/16
ANN: JuliaTime organization Curtis Vogt 6/20/16
ld warning on Mac OS X Josef Sachs 6/19/16
Parsing discussion (#16981) Scott Jones 6/17/16
Ideas for safely re-using memory in types? Jacob Quinn 6/16/16
Method overwritten warning when building Julia Scott Jones 6/16/16
Compilation warnings introduced by https://github.com/JuliaLang/julia/pull/16654 Scott Jones 6/15/16
[PSA] Homebrew.jl rewrite Elliot Saba 6/14/16
Type seperation & code bloat: dispatch vs compile type. ma.laf...@gmail.com 6/14/16
Compilation warnings introduced by https://github.com/JuliaLang/julia/pull/16848 Scott Jones 6/13/16
Using -O3 for performance testing Scott Jones 6/11/16
Sorting a String? (PR #16853) Scott Jones 6/10/16
Execution tracing ideas (Instrument or not?) Robert Feldt 6/10/16
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