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Haskell-like Function Types Meet Patel 6:42 PM
Collaboration with Octave? Lachlan Andrew 8/23/16
NPM style app/script distribution and installation Ben Ward 8/21/16
Convert a dense matrix A into a sparse matrix with sparsevec(A) Parkway 8/20/16
Licensing Advice when wrapping GPL software Nathan Smith 8/19/16
master has branched for 0.6.0-dev Tony Kelman 8/3/16
Building Julia (master at RC0) broken on Mac Scott Jones 7/27/16
did julia has function similar to R_Preserveobject and R_ReleaseObject function? Yu Gong 7/26/16
Pkg3 Rory Finnegan 7/24/16
Interfaces and Lexical vs Dynamic Scope Joshua Ballanco 7/21/16
Double-inference error Andy Ferris 7/18/16
Even faster string equality (see #16863) Scott Jones 7/17/16
protocols Jeffrey Sarnoff 7/16/16
Thread safety with BigFloats (and elsewhere in Base) Scott Jones 7/13/16
Proposed C++ SIMD extensions Simon Byrne 7/13/16
Potential BigFloat replacement (WIP) Scott Jones 7/13/16
Altering LLVM instructions during codegen rpre...@gmail.com 7/12/16
[GSoC 2016] Enabling Polyhedral Optimizations in Julia - Midterm Report Matthias Reisinger 7/11/16
LLVM version for Julia 0.5? Milan Bouchet-Valat 7/9/16
Making `UnitRange` amenable to Polly Matthias Reisinger 7/7/16
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