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Java EE 8 Integration Adam Bien 4/12/16
jcache-api license issue Jens Wilke 3/18/16
Urgent requirement for SAP Basis Engineer/Oracle Rac at Dallas,TX bagadi seetaram 3/18/16
Can you look at https://github.com/jsr107/jsr107spec/issues/333 Greg Luck 3/9/16
Re: Procedure suggestion for the 1.1 JSR107 Spec Greg Luck 3/9/16
Re: jsr107-test-zoo / JSR107 implementations collection Greg Luck 2/19/16
BlazingCache: Request for JSR107 compliance Enrico Olivelli 1/21/16
MapDB implementation Jan Kotek 1/7/16
Compliance request Benjamin Manes 1/5/16
Question for JSR107 compliance certification Enrico Olivelli 1/5/16
Java EE 8 plans Arjan Tijms 12/29/15
How to declare expring policy in annotation usage Rahman Usta 11/18/15
JCache 2.0 BOF Monday 7pm @ Parc 55 - Mission Chris Dennis 10/26/15
JavaOne JCache BOF Discussion Seeding Chris Dennis 9/30/15
Cache interceptors and null handling Christian Beikov 8/29/15
Current state of all JSR107 open source implementations Jens Wilke 6/4/15
JCache 2.0 BOF Proposal Chris Dennis 5/8/15
Moved Async Changes to Branch Greg Luck 4/29/15
Peter Lawrey Application to Join the EG Greg Luck 2/12/15
Re: [jsr107spec] No async API !? (#307) Alex Snaps 2/9/15
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