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Re: [xquery-talk] Mistakes made in the design of XQuery 3.1 Benito van der Zander 5/9/15
Request Ep Ga 8/5/14
How does jq relate to JSONiq? Hermann Stamm-Wilbrandt 6/15/14
copying of values in constructors Benito van der Zander 4/8/14
XQLint - XQuery & JSONiq linter William Candillon 3/26/14
Python API James 3/26/14
JSONiq command line filter Ihe Onwuka 2/18/14
"˙˙˙ sɐɯʇsᴉɹɥƆ ʎɹɹǝW" -- the JSONiq way Hermann Stamm-Wilbrandt 2/4/14
eval in JSONiq Jesse Clark 1/20/14
New try.zorba.io aka "Merry XMas Hermann" ;-) William Candillon 1/19/14
Re: Abridged summary of jso...@googlegroups.com - 3 Messages in 2 Topics Cezar 12/26/13
try.zorba.io down Hermann Stamm-Wilbrandt 12/25/13
JSONiq Matrix transposition Hermann Stamm-Wilbrandt 12/14/13
libjn:flatten neither works on try.zorba.org nor on Xidel Hermann Stamm-Wilbrandt 11/25/13
accessing object fields Benito van der Zander 10/20/13
Javascript Implementation Neville Franks 9/26/13
Mongodb Driver opensource? Steven Paris 9/10/13
1.0.1 library functions Benito van der Zander 8/13/13
JSONiq for XML DBMSs vs. simple import/deserialization Johannes Lichtenberger 6/13/13
Looking for a test suite to test my implementation; and a few comments Benito van der Zander 5/14/13
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