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Please do not post job postings. If you're looking for people to hire, join our meetups and talk to the many great people who attend. And to top that: Give a good talk about some cool stuff you've done with JavaScript in your company. That will spark way more interest than any job posting here.

- The BerlinJS team

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Vimfest 2016 wikimatze de 7/12/16
Vimfest October 2015 wikimatze de 9/23/15
Talk proposal: Functional reactive programming for layout and animation David Valdman 9/9/15
MeeMeet the W3C TAG Jan Lehnardt 7/6/15
Hi Zen Savona 6/27/15
Talk Proposal: ZeroMQ in Node.js Wojtek Gawroński 6/8/15
Invitation: Talk about what excites you about programming at EnthusiastiCon! Jens Ohlig 5/12/15
Talk Proposal: a new modular yeoman generator for angularjs hybrid apps Johannes M 4/6/15
[Meet.js] Szczecin, Poland Karol Fabjańczuk 3/11/15
Job openings at Wikimedia Deutschland Adrian Heine 3/5/15
Talk: Functional Programming and Curry Cooking in JavaScript Stefanie Schirmer 2/17/15
Outsourcing our JS development Luis Merino 1/14/15
Our January BerlinJS is cancelled Tiffany Conroy 1/14/15
Social Patient Matching Network for Health Mario Kunze 1/13/15
You are in need of a senior developer? Jan Bölsche 1/5/15
Talk proposal: Challenges and solutions for internationalization and localization in JS Rémi Koenig 12/12/14
Is there a meetup on 2014-12-18? Volker Diels-Grabsch 12/9/14
Java Script node.js hacker wanted for a Science Hack Day Project Lars Zimmermann 10/20/14
Decentralize.js Meetup (Tue Sep 9, 7pm) Sebastian Kippe 9/6/14
Support for d3.js needed maren heltsche 9/4/14
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