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The JRuby mailing list has moved! Charles Oliver Nutter 7/14/15
[jruby-user] java interoperation; lambda to callbacks? Peter Lauck 5/23/15
[jruby-user] JRubyFX taking action when the scene is loaded Rodrigo Botafogo 5/22/15
[jruby-user] Trouble with gems installation in JRuby with RVM Milos Dolobac 5/14/15
[jruby-user] Source Code Encryption Kengsreng Tang 5/12/15
[jruby-user] JRubyFX simple EventHandler Rodrigo Botafogo 5/11/15
[jruby-user] DOM manipulation Rodrigo Botafogo 5/8/15
[jruby-user] [ANN] JRuby 1.7.20 Released! Thomas Enebo 5/5/15
[jruby-user] Issue: Specifing jruby SSL keystore location Chason Choate 5/5/15
[jruby-user] Desktop JRuby Application Cloudrck Tech 5/4/15
[jruby-user] Which Rack web server? John Joseph Bachir 5/1/15
[jruby-user] JRubyFX Rodrigo Botafogo 4/30/15
[jruby-user] Warbler 2.0.0.pre1 Released Joe Kutner 4/30/15
[jruby-user] ANN: ruby-processing-2.7.0.pre Martin Prout 4/29/15
[jruby-user] [ANN] JRuby Released! Thomas Enebo 4/29/15
[jruby-user] java_send with a CharSequence not working Cris Shupp 4/28/15
[jruby-user] [jrubyconf.eu] [last call] Only 2 days reamining on the CFP! Beginner friendly! Mentorship! Tobias Pfeiffer 4/28/15
[jruby-user] Sequel::AdapterNotFound: LoadError: cannot load such file -- java Naresh Gundu 4/23/15
[jruby-user] [Reminder][jrubyconf.eu] CFP closes in 1.5 weeks! Tobias Pfeiffer 4/20/15
[jruby-user] broken link for JRuby API Charles P. 4/19/15
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