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[REQUEST FOR FEEDBACK]: What small but incredibly useful utility are you missing the most in jOOQ? Lukas Eder 4/7/17
Custom types in DSL.newRecord Collin 3:07 AM
Fetching the mapped schema and table name at runtime Chris Conroy 4/25/17
Possible support for JPA @Table and @Column(table = "") annotations in jOOQ Eugeny Karpov 4/24/17
Error when trying to insert a record with a LocalDate field set to null into a MS SQL database (evaluating trial professional edition) Marcin Erdmann 4/24/17
Data type conversion with generic types Kirusanth Poopalasingam 4/21/17
[ANNOUNCEMENT] Version 3.9.2 released with bug fixes Lukas Eder 4/20/17
implementing overlap array function - postgres 9.5 Leandro Aguilar 4/20/17
Generationg views in Jooq 4/20/17
Generator for JavaFX beans ? Peter Müller 4/16/17
Record.into : get a null TableRecord instead of dummy null-fields TableRecord instance Maxime Rocchia 4/13/17
MS SQL Server and jOOQ generation problem Luka Banožić 4/12/17
BOOLEAN and Oracle DB Marcus Müller 4/11/17
Performance impact of jooq 4/11/17
Dynamic filtering Kevin Embree 4/8/17
Need a collection of all Tables Amanda Embree 4/7/17
feature request: additional values() options EREZ KATZ 4/6/17
Inconsistency when creating a new Record from Jooq if already a row is present in Database. Anto Aravinth 4/6/17
Regarding Code Generation In Jooq. Anto Aravinth 4/6/17
Few Thoughts On The Documentation Flow Anto Aravinth 4/5/17
No suitable driver found for jdbc:redshift:// Spaceman Spiff 4/3/17
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