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[REQUEST FOR FEEDBACK]: What small but incredibly useful utility are you missing the most in jOOQ? Lukas Eder 4/7/18
jooq CommonTableExpression recursive Amit Roy 8:47 AM
MySQL dialect isn't creating VARCHAR fields for Java String types Niclas Hedhman 12:43 AM
issue with java module system: org.jooq.util.sqlite from both jooq and jooq.meta Marco Dubacher 4/22/18
Idiomatic way to "upsert" while returning ID Nikola Mihajlović 4/20/18
SBT unresolved dependencies - org.jooq#jooq-scala;3.10.6: not found 4/17/18
formatJSON ignores type converter in field definition Rick Latrine 4/16/18
JOOQ dynamic schema questions Ronald van Raaphorst 4/11/18
Can I disable type conversions for NaN in JOOQ? Charles Henry 4/9/18
[ ANNOUNCEMENT ] jOOR 0.9.8 released with a new in-memory compilation API Lukas Eder 4/4/18
Jooq Configuration Bug? JavaTimeTypes Samir Faci 4/3/18
Best way to subtract minutes from a timestamp? 4/3/18
JOOQ code generation issue with SSL enabled DB server Anirban Chowdhury 3/30/18
Best way to update existing POJO? BTJ 3/30/18
select count distinct from group James Cowan 3/23/18
Locally extending jOOQ to support different mappings (question 2) The bear in Boulder 3/22/18
Apply bindings to arrays of type Mario Daniel Ruiz Saavedra 3/22/18
Jooq connection pooling with Tomcat not evicting closed connections? Casey Merrill 3/22/18
Postgres DATE column type Etienne Studer 3/22/18
Binding for Postgresql composite types (UDT) Ralph van Etten 3/21/18
Bean validation using jOOQ generated Fields 3/21/18
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