JETAANC Kabuki Club

An educational non-profit focused on Kabuki theatre and other Japanese performing arts. Free and open to the public, our group regularly offers classes focused on classic performances on video and participates in related activities in the San Francisco Bay Area. We also have an active international online community here on Google Groups: anyone is welcome to join! Please visit our website here. Our Events calendar is here. For Kabuki and Japanese performing arts resources in the Bay Area, online, and beyond, click here. We are sponsored by the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program Alumni Association of Northern California, the Oakland Asian Cultural Center, the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California, and the UC Berkeley Center for Japanese StudiesContact:

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JETAANC Shinnenkai New Year's Party 2017 - Feb 4 Mark 1/8/17
Theater of Yugen's "Red Demon" - through Nov 13 Mark 11/1/16
Bunraku performances and workshop around the Bay Area Mark 10/18/16
Cinema Kabuki, 9/20, Denver Mark 9/4/16
OnenessButoh Performance 9/24, SF Mark 8/12/16
Mansai Nomura is the new Godzilla! Mark 8/7/16
Cinema Kabuki comes to San Francisco! Mark 7/12/16
Shamisen masters in San Jose - 4/17 Mark 3/24/16
Noh recital - SF, 5/1 Mark Frey, JETAANC 3/20/16
Kabuki class today rescheduled Mark 3/20/16
Koto and Shamisen Concert, Berkeley, 4/2 Mark 3/18/16
"113 Project: Reclaiming Tohoku" Film Screening for Japan Earthquake Recovery - 3/8, JCCCNC Mark 2/28/16
Kabuki music to be presented at Cal State Fullerton, March 5, 1:00PM Mark 2/24/16
Opera debut by sound artist Sam Genovese - 3/12, Oakland, CA Mark 2/17/16
Recent news & upcoming events from the world of Kabuki! Mark 2/7/16
Next class TOMORROW: "Kochiyama" - San Mateo, 2/7 Mark 2/6/16
Next JETAANC Kabuki Club class: "Fight with a Koi Carp" - this Sunday! Mark 1/25/16
Kabuki and the Art of David Bowie Mark 1/11/16
Invitation to JETAANC Shinnenkai New Year's Party - 1/23, Oakland Mark 1/11/16
Ainosuke appearing in 2016 Taiga drama Mark 1/4/16
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