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Fwd: Community Voting Now Open for the DLF Forum, Learn@DLF, and Digital Preservation 2018! David Wilcox 5/11/18
Fedora Newsletter, May 2018 David Wilcox 5/10/18
7.x-1.11 Release Call today (May 10), 2pm Eastern R Le Faive 5/10/18
"The videojs-contrib-hls.js file can not be found." Brandon Weigel 5/10/18
ISLANDORA_CLAW - USING EDM format as metadata structure Zoltán Kanász-Nagy 5/9/18
7.x-1.11 Ready for Testing kim pham 5/9/18
Performing global operations on search and filter results Henry Raine 5/8/18
Batch Exporting and Reimporting A Group of MODS Datastreams 5/8/18
index mods metadata 5/8/18
Pamphlets Robin Naughton 5/3/18
External site search box Thomas Cleary 5/3/18
Displaying markup in titles and Solr metdata Bridger Dyson-Smith 5/3/18
Correcting OCR? Alex Kent 5/3/18
iCampEU Limerick T-Shirt Contest Daniel Lamb 5/3/18
[Job Posting] Digital Technologies Librarian, Hamilton College (New York) Peter MacDonald 5/3/18
Islandora Security Interest Group Meeting 5/2/18
2017 Fedora Annual Report Now Available David Wilcox 5/1/18
Simple trick to make Indexing faster / XML forms more reliable 4/30/18
Islandora Metadata interest group meeting Rachel T 4/30/18
Islandora_vagrant - resolving branch conflicts Phil Redmon 4/27/18
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