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Iron Foundry is the project effort of several open source projects centered around Cloud Foundry™. The first project, which we also call Iron Foundry is an open source project that extends Cloud Foundry™ to the .NET ecosystem by providing services, installers, and developer tools.

The next project we've started is Thor, which is an open source project around native interfaces for Cloud Foundry™ built for OS-X, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

The purpose of this group is to work together to determine the direction for Iron Foundry, Thor and other subsequent PaaS Projects. Feel free to ask questions and inject ideas for new features.

Iron Foundry Project

The Iron Foundry Project is located at:
You can sign up for a free account to write applications against at: 
Get help, ask questions, and general support and FAQ located here:
Read more about what is happening on the day to day on the Iron Foundry Blog:

Iron Foundry Team

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