Welcome to the Internet Bridgestone Owner’s Bunch, or iBOB, discussion list. This list is an offshoot of the original newsletter based BOB group created by Grant Petersen during his time at Bridgestone. In 1995, when Bridgestone ended its U.S. operations so did BOB. Thankfully Piaw Na gave it new life as a LISTSRV, officially creating internet-BOB. Over the years the list duties have been handed down to many amazing folks and this list has undergone several changes of venue, however it still retains the original spirit of Grant’s (and Piaw’s) BOB.

The iBOB list is dedicated to discussions about all cycling and bicycles that embody "a philosophy of lasting value, function and craftsmanship."  iBOB’s value "proven equipment that is repairable or long-lived" and "recognize that expertise comes from involvement". "BOBs are friendly. BOBs are tolerant of other's views. BOBs are always willing to help new cyclists or fellow cyclists. BOBs are honest, and they never, ever lie. They're probably also thrifty and loyal. iBOB is, or  should be,  a safe place to ask and ponder questions and philosophies as they relate to things BOBbish." 1

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