Intellectual Property Caucus

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IP Caucus History Poster Clancy Ratliff 3/25/15
cccc-ip: kudos on 2015 and looking to 2016 Jim Purdy 3/25/15
Re: [WPA-L] Ohio State IP Policy Nick Carbone 3/24/15
Caucus invitation has been sent out in via NCTE Inbox Kim Gainer 3/11/15
Final version of 'press release' posted to IP Reports website Kim Gainer 3/6/15
Please alert to any errors Kim Gainer 3/5/15
IP Annual Clancy Ratliff 3/5/15
IP Annual: One more week! Clancy Ratliff 3/4/15
Call for Nominations CCCC IP Caucus Co-Chair Tim 2/16/15
Fwd: [Techrhet] Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for the Visual Arts tengrrl 2/11/15
intellectual property experiences survey invitation Jim Purdy 2/9/15
school of open -- creative commons licenses K Lunsford 1/30/15
Re: Digest for - 5 updates in 1 topic Mike Edwards 1/10/15
IP Annual: Progress? Clancy Ratliff 1/10/15
IP Annual: "Get Me Off Your" etc. and Predatory Open Access Clancy Ratliff 11/24/14
RE: Pizzolatto Wendy Austin 11/12/14
Taylor Swift for IP Annual? Clancy Ratliff 11/10/14
Fwd: [Techrhet] The Open Art License for Source Files Nick Carbone 11/8/14
IP Annual Question Clancy Ratliff 11/7/14
CFP for the Annual Clancy Ratliff 11/3/14
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