Intellectual Property Caucus

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Misuse of DMCA Kim Gainer 12/29/16
One more for the IP Annual Clancy Ratliff 12/12/16
More on IP Annual 2016 Clancy Ratliff 10/28/16
NCTE Open Access Scholarship Question Clancy Ratliff 8/26/16
OER report summarized in Inside Higher Ed Nick Carbone 7/26/16
IP Annual 2016: The year's half over Clancy Ratliff 7/19/16
CCCC-IP Caucus and Steve Parks (SWR) devossda 5/6/16
SIGN UP FOR ROUNDTABLE LEADERS > CCCC 2017 IP business meeting proposal devossda 5/6/16
cccc 2016 caucus report Jim Purdy 5/3/16
Google Books--Supreme Court declines case Kim Gainer 4/18/16
Next year's CCCC Kim Gainer 4/15/16
Workshop on Information Literacy and IP Partnerships Charlie Lowe 4/11/16
recruiting diverse candidates for the executive committee Mike Edwards 4/6/16
Big news on ga. state case jrg 4/4/16
DMCA takedown comments due tomorrow Stedman, Kyle D 3/31/16
scout report on IP issues K Lunsford 3/18/16
Fwd: The Scout Report -- Volume 22, Number 11 K Lunsford 3/18/16
CCCC 2016 IP Caucus Business Meeting Jim Purdy 3/2/16
Taking Action Workshops at Cs 2016: Facilitator Invitation Jim Purdy 2/15/16
invitation to CCCC Intellectual Property Caucus business meeting: come see John Willinsky! Jim Purdy 2/15/16
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