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Local Outreach Grants for CCCC Standing Groups Jim Purdy 1/7/16
Re: Digest for - 3 updates in 1 topic Mike Edwards 12/1/15
Working ToC for IP Annual Clancy Ratliff 11/28/15
CFP: The 2015 CCCC Intellectual Property Annual Clancy Ratliff 11/25/15
university IP policies and subventions Jessica Reyman 11/21/15
Re: Digest for - 8 updates in 1 topic Mike Edwards 11/4/15
Request from writer from the Chronicle Kim Gainer 11/2/15
intellectual property stories questionnaire: final invitation Jim Purdy 9/15/15
CCCC-IP: CCCC 2016 proposal acceptances Jim Purdy 8/28/15
Re: Digest for - 3 updates in 1 topic Mike Edwards 7/5/15
possible 2017 4Cs IP standing group speaker: Library of Congress Assistant General Counsel? Mike Edwards 7/3/15
IP Annual: take two Clancy Ratliff 6/3/15
IP Annual: this week or early next Clancy Ratliff 6/3/15
intellectual property experiences survey invitation Jim Purdy 6/1/15
Progress against Patent Trolls Kim Gainer 5/21/15
"Comedy gold: Watch three U.S. judges dismantle a copyright troll's case" Kim Gainer 5/6/15
Fair Use Resource Kim Gainer 5/5/15
CCCC-IP proposals submitted! Jim Purdy 5/4/15
CCCC 2016 sponsored panel and business meeting proposal drafts Jim Purdy 5/1/15
IP Annual: Question Clancy Ratliff 4/20/15
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