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Failed to install Input Director's Windows Service Robert Doyle 9/27/16
Input Director Admin Rights not working Brian Buresh 9/18/16
ID Win Services ERROR Pedro Olivares 9/13/16
Switching from master to slave does not happen Brian Shreve 9/9/16
Slave not responding ARCURI Motorsports 9/7/16
Input director and remote slave tech_ed 9/7/16
Mouse issue rae Williams 8/26/16
This is the 'bees knees! Andy Crofts 8/23/16
Is there any issue Input Director on Windows 10? John Park 8/10/16
Input Director v1.4 is available for download Shane 8/10/16
Mouse transitions but keyboard does not on Windows 10 slave using newest 1.4asfasf 8/9/16
"Slave failed to respond", but appears to work Daniel Wolf 8/9/16
Input Director on master constantly changing window focus Michael 7/31/16
Extra/custom mouse commands on slave Jesse Olson 7/25/16
portable version or "install just for me" option? Josh Acton 7/25/16
Key Clone Disabled on Master Sujieun 7/20/16
macro file backup Martin Willmarth 7/20/16
Too many clicks getting sent? Rick Austinson 7/20/16
Running two different versions of Windows of master and slave Stephen Platts 7/20/16
Looking for heavy Input Director v1.4 macro users Shane 7/17/16
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