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Use JCreate100 for clipboard sharing rackflot 1/28/15
No cursor when no mouse present at slave Laurin 1/28/15
Rust - New Version MemphisArtGuy 1/16/15
Windows 8 Alt and Windows Key jasvindarjit 1/5/15
Windows 8 Transition Issue Carson Siu 12/23/14
failed to connect to slave on boot up derrick sandford 12/15/14
Shift key locked on after Slave gains Focus Fred 12/10/14
About Russian Localization Сергей Горин 12/4/14
Is this software still being developed? Tim 11/13/14
Imagine Input Director Client on Android !! One & Only 10/9/14
input director compatible with windows 8.1 and will it interact with computers running window 7 Lea leawriteme 10/9/14
Windows 7 Firewall suddenly a problem Gertlex 10/5/14
Uninstall/ Reinstall Issue Guy Iannello 9/22/14
Corporate McAfee blocking connection to slave Mark Latham 9/19/14
Hotkey to pause or disable macros or Input Director Shaun Drew 9/10/14
Problem swapping master and slave PCs. Ian Cargill 8/17/14
Mouse over internet pixxxel 7/25/14
Cursor transition problem from Master to Slave Bill Daniel 7/24/14
Windows 8.1 slow on slave Kab 6/25/14
openssl atmarx 6/9/14
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