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Looking for beta testers for version 1.4 Shane 7/5/16
Issues with 1 Master 2 Slaves Kevin Dyer 6/17/16
Switched from Comcast to ATT and now ID is completely disabled 6/7/16
VPN software caused ID to not work properly Jacque Raymond 6/2/16
ctrl alt delete doesn't work MTRX 4/29/16
After reboot, slave unresponsive and prompts the "<IP> is requesting control of slave," message from the slave... Casey J. Burk 4/29/16
looking for a workaround - corporate symantec firewall (SEP) Dan 4/4/16
salve over th einternet or LAN only? justin b 4/4/16
Mirroring to virtual machine using 2 monitors 3/19/16
Input director slave over internet justin b 3/19/16
Transition problem on mismatched monitors when Cursor Wraparound is "off" Ron Shaw 3/17/16
Copy/Paste Clipboard not working on Windows 7 Stormy Stromy 3/15/16
Workaround for right side of screen transition bug on Windows 8 Katelyn Gadd 3/7/16
Windows 7 Firewall suddenly a problem Gertlex 2/25/16
Slave Computer Screen will Randomly Turn Off During Usage Sam Edge 2/25/16
Amount of slaves limit Diego Zenizo 2/12/16
Input Director maximum 16 Computers? 2/12/16
Input Director Maximum Clients is 16 ?? 2/12/16
Slave "randomly" loses config as slave Matt Brown 2/11/16
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