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Configuration files Benjamin Gereon Bailey 7/13/17
Master system uses Ethernet, slave uses WiFi TheOatManPlays 7/2/17
No cursor when no mouse present at slave Laurin 6/21/17
Input Director with a Two Mouse Pointers on One Desktop Application Jason Poole 6/18/17
Slave Computer is on and master computer is turned off? RB 6/15/17
How to control simultaneously master and slave FAKE1007 6/15/17
Input Director can't launch, can't uninstall, can't re-install. Need help maually uninstalling. Sal O 6/15/17
Two computers wont connect.. Gordon Stewart 6/15/17
Mouse input slow/lag on slaves? Bryan 6/15/17
Unauthorised Access after Restart Chris 6/15/17
ID works as expected when "Allow any computer" or "Allow subnet", but connection refused when specifying master Hendrik Coetzee 6/15/17
is there a way to mirror audio as well to the master? Dekel Amrani 6/15/17
Max OS X Slave Darrell 6/14/17
Having an odd issue with copying-and-pasting files from master (Win7) to slave (Win10) using 1.4 Build 110... Casey J. Burk 6/13/17
Typing from Master keyboard to Slave computer produces garbage Sirrah 5/28/17
Can you switch active desktop Philippe Heroux 5/28/17
transitioning to slave will display cursor image on 2 monitor master Josh Pratt 5/26/17
Please guide me! CookieGuy 5/15/17
can i set slave to copy only some keys dimitar ivanov 5/3/17
can i set only some keys to be copy to slave dimitar ivanov 5/3/17
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