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Please guide me! CookieGuy 5/15/17
can i set slave to copy only some keys dimitar ivanov 5/3/17
can i set only some keys to be copy to slave dimitar ivanov 5/3/17
Windows 10 Creator update breaks ID with Wacom Tablet steve 4/12/17
mouse hot key please. ㅜㅜ 한동범 4/6/17
Mouse transitions but keyboard does not on Windows 10 slave using newest 1.4 Mary Goeman 3/31/17
Unable to start the Input Director Service Cargo Jockey 3/20/17
Clipboard sometimes does not sync Daniel Scott 3/20/17
Just curious - why doesn't "scrolling" get redirected to the slave? Ziffusion 2/27/17
Cursor Jumps to Master When Scrolling On Slave Daniel Wojcik 2/27/17
Can't connect to VM MetalMinurz 2/27/17
No mouse on slave if mouse not connected under Windows 10 Gerald King 2/18/17
Win10 Icon disappears Mike Walker 2/16/17
Scrolling in UWP Apps max mustermann 2/14/17
Use with 2 computers with same monitir Robert Vandiver 2/6/17
Back button and Task View on mouse 2/4/17
Mirroring and Marcos Issues (Mirroring and Macros only Works on Master's Desktop) Chongwu Zhao 1/19/17
Mirror Mod and Macros Failure on the Slave Chongwu Zhao 1/19/17
Mouse pointer disappears on slave system (DELL 7040, Windows 10 Pro) DERoberts 1/18/17
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