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Mirror Mode Jeff Sparrow 9/5/13
Sound and different sized monitor setup cgrow4 9/3/13
Very weird problem w/slave Armstrong Gauge 8/31/13
Mouse Very Sluggish on Slave Jason Cusati 8/30/13
Wacom Intuos 3 David A 8/29/13
When passing the mouse from one computer screen to another computer screen computer stops responding keystrokes and mouse Анатолий Гуменный 8/28/13
Mirror Mode Jeff Sparrow 8/26/13
Problem With New Modem Daniel Middleman 8/26/13
Windows 8 Daniel Platteau 8/19/13
Input Director Context Menu Missing Huey Yeng 8/9/13
Irregular shaped desktop using portraits and transsion issues Jonathan Caldwell 8/8/13
Problem With New Modem Daniel Middleman 8/8/13
Problem With New Modem Daniel Middleman 8/7/13
System Tray / Notification Area Icon disappears (Windows 7) Jeff 8/7/13
Finally got Input Director is the fix Jake Schmidt 8/1/13
Application Error: Unable to listen on port 31234 Chanz 7/30/13
Clipboard Switchophil 7/24/13
shared clipboard data unavailable 7/24/13
Can input director work between between 32 and 64bit machines Aaron Kimmell 7/16/13
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