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2 PCs Host issues Jason Siebert 1/15/17
Dragging / Moving windows no longer works when running Input Director Snowman 1/12/17
Slave mouse clicks occurring on both machines. 1/5/17
Buying/Donating Chris 12/30/16
Clipboard Paste Failed John Turnbull 12/27/16
SHIFT+SPACE Ray Ryu 12/23/16
SHIFT SPACE Ray Ryu 12/23/16
System version mismatch (Vista / Win 10) 12/20/16
Two Masters, one is set to autoswitch roles, but it constantly switches even when it shouldn't. Can this be fixed? 12/15/16
Have mouse stay at previous location when switching... JR R 11/28/16
Please guide me! CookieGuy 11/28/16
Slave will not wake up from sleep 11/27/16
Erratic slow cursor and connection Andrew Hunter 11/20/16
Master/Slave autoswitching computer keeps switching whenever primary master is being used 11/20/16
Input Director v1.4 beta now available for public download Shane 11/16/16
Win+L invoked after typing 'l" when other application should have consumed Win key Dev Null 11/16/16
The slave configuration has been set so that no master can take control GT 11/16/16
Windows 10 Slave Service Not Starting Before Login 11/12/16
Input Director randomly disconnecting and quits working until I disable and enable the slave. Nick F 10/23/16
drag monitor to match ......... (suggestion) john l. wolfley 10/21/16
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