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Sending keystrokes and not mouse inputs / maintaining focus Jonathan Hall 1/4/18
[BUG] unexpected minimizing fullscreen application moves cursor to slave and can't move it back to master. V@no 12/28/17
Slave system IP keeps changing Souls 12/21/17
Input Director without Admin Furbs 12/17/17
Y = Carol 12/11/17
Fall Creators Update broke ID, and I can't even get ID to install now... 12/7/17
Max OS X Slave Darrell 12/7/17
Input Director can't launch, can't uninstall, can't re-install. Need help maually uninstalling. Sal O 12/7/17
not sure how this works Rich L 12/3/17
Screen viewing of multiple monitors Michael Payne 11/26/17
Copy file from Windows 10 (master) and paste on Windows 7 (slave) freezes explorer on slave. V@no 11/5/17
Copy and paste issue for Input Director Anthony Leung 11/5/17
Windows 10 Slave Service Not Starting Before Login 10/23/17
drag monitor to match ......... (suggestion) john l. wolfley 10/21/17
small problem with cycle between systems gilles 10/21/17
Windows minimize when moving from slave to master Brian 10/21/17
InputDirector process crashing Donny 10/21/17
"Ungroup" multiple monitors on the same computer? Brad Stowers 10/21/17
Cursor snaps to opposite side of display Ben Spingarn 10/21/17
''host name"""does'nt exist" problem Je12 10/21/17
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