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InDesign Talk is a general discussion group for Adobe InDesign. This group is intended as a new home for the mailing list hosted most recently by LassoSoft, /

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In-Tools Patsky 8:01 AM
Power Headers - In-Tools Patsky 3/23/18
Typesetting sequence–post-nominals Bill Amatneek 3/21/18
Typesetting sequence post-nominals Bill Amatneek 3/21/18
Aligning a paragraph to the BOTTOM of a text frame Patsky 3/8/18
Unwanted character style is applied to all imported text text Patsky 2/19/18
Gradients in Paragraph Shading Patsky 2/19/18
InDesign experience Karen Hickey 2/8/18
CS6 :: stroke width doesn't overprint completely Thomas Olbrich 2/8/18
Add Text Anchors using Find Change Paul 2/1/18
Math plugins betty 2/1/18
cs6 ID as a word file? Kat M 1/30/18
Word to ID Andrew Brown 1/27/18
Type on an angle Sharon Villines 1/22/18
soxy doesn't open id cc files Kat M 1/7/18
Photoshop adjustment cfmajors 1/2/18
keep InDesign cs6 & cloud cs6? Kat M 1/2/18
licensing options question Dick Margulis 1/2/18
automatic brackets Michel 12/19/17
High Sierra & ID-CC Bill Amatneek 12/18/17
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