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[OT] Printing PDF with page information OS X Andrew Brown 11/28/15
note renumbering Robert Wexler 11/24/15
OT: Hypatia Sans Pro Italics available William Adams 11/18/15
Hyphenation control of French and Spanish texts Michael Brady 11/8/15
Spreading a table Michael Brady 11/1/15
CS6 and El Capitan Graeme Forbes 10/31/15
hyperlink from email newsletter to pdf online dezignlady 10/30/15
Guess what error message one gets when passing InDesign CS6 a file w/ a too-long name in Mac OS X 10.6.8? William Adams 10/29/15
OT: Anyone have a copy of PitStop 3.5? William Adams 10/27/15
onsite label design job in Irvine CA Kat M 10/24/15
Newspaper halftone? Dick Margulis 10/21/15
Off-topic: logo design Heather White 10/20/15
Text variables CC 2014 Andrew Brown 10/19/15
Unthread text frames Andrew Brown 10/17/15
Nice GREP editor Kat M 10/15/15
best way to organize a label project dezignlady 10/15/15
Delete single page in spread CC 2014 Andrew Brown 10/11/15
Word changes inside ID plugin? Kat M 10/11/15
Word Override Issues on Import Rick Gordon 10/9/15
Clipping path in Object Style Patsky 9/25/15
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