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InDesign Talk is a general discussion group for Adobe InDesign. This group is intended as a new home for the mailing list hosted most recently by LassoSoft, /

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Tip: Rounding inside corners Michael Brady 5/4/15
I gave up the files and ... cfmajors 4/29/15
styles color back to ? Kat M 4/28/15
Flipping a text box works fine but can't undo backward type Chuck M 4/27/15
Running heads not everywhere... Michel 4/24/15
Find option dezignlady 4/23/15
Freehand file to convert MSD 4/23/15
Script to put all imports à 100% Michel 4/17/15
How to convert InDesign (.indd) file to .idml file (and back) online or without installing InDesign Suite? Chinmay C 4/15/15
Perfect book covers Michael Brady 4/14/15
The state of the industry cfmajors 4/14/15
Design job nearby Michael Brady 4/13/15
Excel data to InDesign table: straightforward? Chuck M 4/11/15
Indesign CS6 crashing cfmajors 4/10/15
Index page number formatting Patsky 4/9/15
AO disappears from layers Kat M 4/8/15
can't open an .idml file in either 5.5 or 6 Kat M 4/7/15
Packaging mishaps 4/7/15
Color charts dezignlady 4/2/15
How to Create a PDF Form from InDesign with Editable Text? JKent 3/26/15
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