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InDesign Talk is a general discussion group for Adobe InDesign. This group is intended as a new home for the mailing list hosted most recently by LassoSoft, /

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Positive Look behind works but Positive Look Ahead doesn't 7/20/17
is it xmas? -- font question Graeme Forbes 7/20/17
Indexing Sharon Villines 7/18/17
In-Tools and running heads Andrew Brown 7/17/17
Splitting a Chart Sharon Villines 7/13/17
several text frames with only one footnote part Sayed Ali Mousawi 6/28/17
bookmarks created automatically sunkara pavan 6/21/17
Anyone know a good short-run digital book printer in the UK? Dick Margulis 6/6/17
script to change widths of all table columns William Adams 5/18/17
Publisher dezignlady 5/18/17
Interesting alternative software options William Adams 5/3/17
Tagged Text (OS X latest) Andrew Brown 5/3/17
Dependency tree of paragraph styles Bill Amatneek 5/2/17
not using "genuine" adobe software Kat M 4/20/17
Deleting a .indd file from the workspace Bill Amatneek 4/10/17
GREP for global spacing between ... Craig Enputtock 3/28/17
Span columns and vertical justification Andrew Brown 3/23/17
Batch converting .docx to something less atrocious Andrew Brown 3/21/17
Transparency (not!) Patsky 3/17/17
Re: [ID] Digest for - 1 update in 1 topic Bart Eenkhoorn 3/1/17
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