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InDesign Talk is a general discussion group for Adobe InDesign. This group is intended as a new home for the mailing list hosted most recently by LassoSoft, /

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In Word's style naming conventions & alias? Kat M 7/23/16
Importing a multi-page PDF Michael Brady 7/21/16
Load Styles doesn't Patsky 6/29/16
Text wrap affects live caption Michael Brady 6/28/16
emergency situation photos Kat M 6/21/16
export ID cs6 text & style sheets to Word Kat M 6/8/16
convert an ID cs6 4-page brochure into Word Kat M 6/5/16
QuarkXPress 2016? Kat M 6/5/16
Suppressing a variable Michael Brady 6/1/16
pdf book to spreads? Kat M 5/27/16
buy template with stylesheets Kat M 5/27/16
Help: InDesign Go to Next Page Button for PDF nachi 5/25/16
Re: [ID] Digest for - 3 updates in 2 topics MSD 5/24/16
Macintosh malware Michael Brady 5/24/16
Re: R: Re: [ID] ³clean² the gunk out of my decade old IDds 5/20/16
newest not-cloud version of Word & Powerpoint for Mac? Kat M 5/20/16
Can’t install AnnualReportTemplate_1_0_0.zxp from extension manager Kat M 5/18/16
“clean” the gunk out of my decade old IDds Kat M 5/16/16
eliminate a custom page size from a master page? Kat M 4/29/16
InDesign cloud files for InDesign CS6? Kat M 4/22/16
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