Welcome to the igv-help group.  This is the official help and discussion forum for the Integrative Genomics Viewer. Please post bug reports and suggestions here. If you're having a problem, try searching this list to see if your question has already been addressed. Other resources include the  FAQ and user guide. Everyone is encouraged to contribute by suggesting bug fixes, and joining discussions of feature enhancements. 

If you are posting about a problem, please include the error message (if applicable) and your igv.log file. It will be in <your home directory>/igv. See below for further instructions on posting a bug report.

Thanks very much,
The IGV team.

When posting a bug report, please include:
  1. The version of IGV you are using
  2. What you did. If the problem happens when you open a file and/or view certain genomic coordinates, attach the file* (or provide a link) and specify the genomic coordinates.
    (e.g. I opened a bedgraph file)
  3. What you expected to happen (I expected IGV to display my data)
  4. What actually happened (I received an error message saying "Unknown extension: .graph")
*If you wish to include data, please attach a file. DO NOT paste the contents of your file into an email, as files are whitespace sensitive which gets lost when sent in the body of an email. This list does accept small attachments through email, but only using the "new" google groups view. Alternatively, use your favorite mail client to send a message to igv-help@googlegroups.com.

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