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Iowa Legislative Services receives ESRI SAG Award Wilke-Brown, Patrick [OCIO] 7/29/15
GIS Analyst II - Ames Abrams, Eric [DOT] 7/28/15
Cedar Falls GIS analyst deadline exteneded Giglierano, James D [COMXT] 7/24/15
IGIC Update - Thanks Matt!!! Rick Havel 7/21/15
Opening Video at UC2015 Rick Havel 7/21/15
GISP certification Rick Havel 7/20/15
ESRI User Conference. Shang, Sunny 7/17/15
IGIC Social Evan Koester 7/17/15
Geomentoring reminder Whipple, Anna W. 7/13/15
FW: MAGIC webinar - Intro to GitHub Lemke, Paula 7/10/15
MAGIC - Save-the-Date Lemke, Paula 7/9/15
Deer-Vehicle Collisions Data LoboSabio89 . 7/8/15
Today's call in phone number Iowa GIC 7/8/15
Meeting Minutes correction Matt J. Boeck 7/7/15
Next IGIC Board meeting - July 8 Matt J. Boeck 7/6/15
re: RAGBRAI state route Micah E. Cutler 7/6/15
RE: Farwell reception for Jim Giglierano, 7/6/15 Kane, Kevin L [DSN] 7/6/15
GIS Analyst Job Opening at City of Des Moines Whipple, Anna W. 7/6/15
Odd occurrence with arcpy.TableToExcel_conversion tool Wilson, Lance [DOT] 7/3/15
Wilke-Brown, Patrick [OCIO] 7/1/15
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