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OrthoServer Issues Obrecht, Joshua D [DSN] 7/8/14
Database Connection in 10.2 Kelsi Jurik 7/7/14
2014-2016 IGIC Board - Meeting Details, etc. Blaesing, Shawn [DOT] 7/7/14
Now Hiring Lemke, Paula 7/3/14
IGIC List - job posting Giglierano, James D [COMXT] 7/3/14
ArcGIS Reports Megan Moeller 7/3/14
Many IGIC emails are being filtered Whittaker, William E 7/2/14
IGIC Meeting July 9th - At SEOC, Johnston IA - RSVP required Blaesing, Shawn [DOT] 7/1/14
Help needed to advertise GIS training for teachers Giglierano, James D [COMXT] 7/1/14
FIFA World Cup stats map Joe Eckmann 6/30/14
IGIC Call for Agenda Items Blaesing, Shawn [DOT] 6/24/14
National Geodetic Survey Webinar Andrew Walker 6/24/14
Iowa NG9-1-1 Standard Webinar Invitation Paoli, Jon [HSEMD] 6/19/14
GIS Printer Recommendations James Quinn 6/17/14
LAS data in 10.2.2 Joshua Sales 6/16/14
Reminder to Vote - 2014 - 2016 IGIC Board Ballot Blaesing, Shawn [DOT] 6/16/14
Email Message Changes Obrecht, Joshua D [DSN] 6/11/14
[igic] Esri Self-Paced Learning Courses Kim Wehrle 6/11/14
[igic] Iowa Geographic Map Server Giglierano, James D [COMXT] 6/10/14
[igic] FW: GeoCONOPS Website Announcement Request Lemke, Paula 6/5/14
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