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Fw: 2016 Conference is coming soon!!! (Rapid City, SD) Whipple, Anna W. 7/25/16
Job Announcement - Iowa City - GIS Coordinator Rick Havel 7/22/16
ArcGIS classes coming to Des Moines Rick Havel 7/22/16
Congratulations Tesfay Russell!!! Rick Havel 7/14/16
Lightning Services for GIS Rick Havel 7/14/16
lightning strike map service Rick Havel 7/13/16
ArcGIs Pro Lemke, Paula 7/13/16
Reminder: IGIC Summer Quarterly Meeting - July 12, 2016 Rick Havel 7/11/16
FW: Geospatial Data Specialist I Opening Rick Havel 7/8/16
Job Posting Sarah Murphy 7/8/16
IGIC Summer Quarterly Meeting - July 12, 2016 Rick Havel 7/6/16
Watch "Augmented Reality Sandbox - realtime topographic contour line generation" on YouTube Lemke, Paula 6/28/16
ISU Job Opportunity Runneals, David [DOT] 6/28/16
IGIC 2016 Vote Results Rick Havel 6/24/16
IGIC Vote 2016 ends Friday at noon! Rick Havel 6/23/16
GIS position with Alliant Energy Schlichtmann, Carrie 6/22/16
Job opening - GIS specialist, Irvine CA McNeely, Robin L [DSN] 6/21/16
FW: MAGIC 2018 Location Survey Micah E. Cutler 6/21/16
Mississippi River Trail and/or Great River Road linework. Joseph A. Carter 6/20/16
Job Posting - GIS/CAD Technician Tasha Phillips 6/20/16
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