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Going Open Source? Yury Pavlovsky 1/24/18
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Problem putting my icons on Firefox in bold Aritz I 1/12/18
Font Awesome Icon Set kiddac 1/12/18
Custom icons don't show in print Herbert Kleinschmidt 1/10/18
position of icon changes when I combine two font-files t...@mms-dresden.de 1/9/18
unable to visualize the image of the imported svg in icomoon app, neither in generated font (looks empty) prisca...@gmail.com 12/7/17
Hover effect & Gem Ruby kar...@gmail.com 11/21/17
Question about using icon sizes in Icomoon at sizes other than 16 20 24 34 John Drach 11/7/17
Can't Import Selection.Json kieron...@swrve.com 11/6/17
SVG doesn't get imported properly testingp...@gmail.com 11/2/17
getting error ehile generating fonts Bhavya Bangera 10/24/17
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