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Only displaying some of the SVG on import Alan Reid 6/10/15
Newbee - Icon font for both web and mobile platforms? Henrik Juhl 6/3/15
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Please bring back character field. Nick Malozzi 6/2/15
Third icon in set always skips three U-Codes cli...@studiodiversity.com 5/29/15
How to edit the grid to even numbers, 24x24 not 24x24.3? Need help! AFG 5/28/15
Issues refreshing the CDN Laurent Le Graverend 5/25/15
Icon Chopped On Top and Sides Michael Boardman 5/22/15
Feature Request: Stylus CSS Support Arena 5/21/15
SVG icons i different sizes Morten Lybech 5/20/15
Problems downloading font in Safari and upload SVG icons in Chrome johanneskr...@gmail.com 5/19/15
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