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When I upload a certain SVG, icomoon generates the code for it with tons of path classes, any idea what's going on? jonmc...@gmail.com 6/21/17
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Can I define Ligatures using spaces? for example: "Next Page" poly...@gmail.com 4/18/17
Font not loading on IPad Les Ux 4/11/17
Can't download anything on Chrome (Mac OS) v.bir...@trip-top.com 4/6/17
svg icons uploading as black box erij...@gmail.com 3/29/17
[Suggestion] Single SCSS file Rafael Sirotheau 3/27/17
Add new icons to Icomoon font without changing character codes? dmo...@gmail.com 3/21/17
Where are my projects? multim...@googlemail.com 3/20/17
Tiles (CSS Sprite) - some icons overlap in single column sprite sheet (sprite.svg) scoe...@lsscm.org 3/14/17
Gradient upload issues melp...@gmail.com 3/10/17
Re: Importing icomoon ultimate into svg icons plugin Keyamoon 3/2/17
SVG icon importing as blank Anders Öhrt 3/2/17
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