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IE is working but nothing but empty square box with Chrome todd...@gmail.com 11/26/16
Download SVG, PNG doesn't work. Angular errors, etc Jake Wilson 11/16/16
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Icomoon and package Indesign external...@kipsta.com 9/26/16
Suggestion: Improve the search and phrases as much as possible Kaan Soral 9/25/16
icoMoon fonts doesn't work on Firefox marcin.d...@gmail.com 9/13/16
Compound paths combining when uploading and SVG formed in Illustrator davidbir...@gmail.com 8/8/16
Add new icon in existing project Kartik Iyer 8/8/16
Import Icons issues with SVG icons Chacko Panikulam 7/29/16
Please remind me to upgrade :( .. Daniel J. Mierzwinski 7/12/16
Internet Explorer don´t show anything at all clemen...@googlemail.com 7/8/16
Icomoon site fonts look fine in Chrome on Win, but not on our web application kshan...@gmail.com 7/8/16
Colors removed in SVG iconset with multicolor icons xbonell 7/4/16
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