The IBM1130 was a small business and scientific computer that was introduced by IBM in 1965. A typical system had 8K words of 16 bit memory, a single 1MB disk drive, a card read-punch, a line printer, an operator keyboard, and a console Selectric printer. 

Many 1130 users have very fond memories of the system; it had a high performance to cost ratio and was often directly accessible by its users, making the 1130 a sort of prototype for a "personal computer". 

Set up in conjunction with (which has many manuals, a list of known 1130s, and an 1130 emulator that runs with DMS2, FORTRAN, RPG, APL, and LISP), this group provides a place to discuss all aspects of the system -- hardware, software, memories or stories. 

Beyond that, we can also use this group as a coordination point for hobbyist projects or other related activities. 

If you are wondering if any 1130s are alive today, there are a couple. First, see the page on There is one being restored in California by Carl Claunch. See for more information.


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