IATI Technical Advisory Group (TAG) technical discussion list

Please find current discussions relating to IATI at http://discuss.iatistandard.org/

This group is now deprecated, and acts solely as an archive for technical discussions related to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) data between late 2011, and mid 2015. 

From the original description:

The IATI Standard is an XML standard for sharing information on donor organisations, aid budgets, aid activities and aid transactions along with associated information. You can find details documentation of the IATI Standard, and a support tracker/knowledge base for basic queries about using the data, or for reporting problems, at http://www.iatistandard.org
This is a discussion list and a key communication channel for the Technical Advisory Group. It is used to discuss changes to the standard, issues with IATI data, and to share news and updates relating to IATI tools. 
See the IATI Standard Wiki for more details.
(This group was previously named IATI-tools, and was focussed solely on data users). 

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Evaluation of UN-Habitat's IATI work Pontus 9/8/15
Corrections and Updates to Non Embedded Codelists - moved to Discuss Rory Scott 7/2/15
[Announcement] Closing this Google Group and migrating content to the IATI Discuss forums Dale Potter 6/19/15
Further additions to non-embedded code lists (8th June) Dale Potter 6/9/15
Migration from 1.03 geocoding (precision codes) Scott Stewart 5/31/15
Further additions to non-embedded code lists Dale Potter 5/18/15
Data Standards Day - pre-events to IODC Tim Davies 5/6/15
IATI and Nepal Earthquake response Sarah Johns 4/27/15
Additions to non-embedded code lists, and a hello! dale....@devinit.org 4/27/15
Who's going to TAG 2015? Sarah Johns 4/13/15
Don't forget to register for the TAG by midnight tonight! Joni Hillman 4/13/15
GeoNames Web Application Alberto Amaro 4/6/15
Re: [IATI Tech] GeoNames Web Application Sarah Johns 3/30/15
Disaggregated results data Herb Caudill 3/26/15
@last-updated-datetime : Are there really these massive updates all the time? ckreutz 3/25/15
georeferencing IATI activities Pelle 3/13/15
Proposal: Towards an IATI Indicator Definition Schema Herb Caudill 3/10/15
Proposal for results schema changes Herb Caudill 3/4/15
IATI Organization Search Tool Dan Mihaila 2/4/15
Indicator codes Herb Caudill 1/16/15
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