IATI Technical Advisory Group

This group is for technical discussions related to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) data. The IATI Standard is an XML standard for sharing information on donor organisations, aid budgets, aid activities and aid transactions along with associated information. You can find details documentation of the IATI Standard, and a support tracker/knowledge base for basic queries about using the data, or for reporting problems, at http://www.iatistandard.org

This is a discussion list and a key communication channel for the Technical Advisory Group. It is used to discuss changes to the standard, issues with IATI data, and to share news and updates relating to IATI tools. 

See the IATI Standard Wiki for more details.

(This group was previously named IATI-tools, and was focussed solely on data users). 

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Codelist update for version 1.04 of the IATI Standard caprenter 3:34 AM
Developer Status Update Ben Webb 4/23/14
Poorrly Formatted Iati xml data Aggrey Muhebwa 4/17/14
New policy markers DRR and MNCH for the IATI Policy Marker codelist Herman van Loon 4/17/14
Adding ODT as an allowable file type to the File type code list Herman van Loon 4/14/14
Any way to find organisation based on iati-identifier? Jona Ekenberg 4/10/14
IATI Standard Version 1.04 caprenter 4/8/14
IATI data Viewing in Proprietary Dashboards (Data Analytics) Chris Garde 3/31/14
Datastore to get a new address caprenter 3/31/14
Codelists 1.04 heads up caprenter 3/27/14
API to export xml data of organisations Serdar Temiz 3/20/14
OECD Icon Set Reinier Battenberg 3/19/14
Datastore move: Update + News caprenter 3/12/14
Proposal for new Activity Status: Suspended John Adams 3/10/14
A geocoding working group ... Bill Anderson 2/28/14
Developers - Join us on IRC caprenter 2/26/14
IATI Version 1.04 - Delays and Update caprenter 2/20/14
Plans for Version 2.01 caprenter 2/19/14
IATI Dashboard Steven Flower 2/12/14
Organisational Identifiers Chris Wallace 1/25/14
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