This discussion group is dedicated to general discussion regarding the HyperDex NoSQL data store. Almost anything and everything that is HyperDex-related goes, including inquiries, feature requests, newbie questions, technical questions, and even every kind of non-technical discussion as long as it relates to HyperDex.

Note that there is a separate group called hyperdex-announce for official announcements, such as new releases and the like, from the HyperDex developers.

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Can I add daemons dynamic to a cluster ? Jun Guo 2/1/18
hyperdex backup-manager can't endup Jun Guo 2/1/18
Hyperdex c++ wrapper Роман Коптев 11/5/17
YCSB scans Amy Tai 3/31/17
hyperdex always time out jia...@gmail.com 3/16/17
warp api documents Gao Neal 3/13/17
python client error cheng zhang 3/9/17
hyperdex warp on ubuntu 16.04 Gao Neal 2/22/17
Hyperdex add space adding space with junk space name Pandian R 10/16/16
Unable to install Hyperdex in Ubuntu 16.04 Pandian R 10/15/16
memory leak about hyperdex client 李俊良 9/19/16
Hyperdex usage for persisting JSON documents HariVisha Krishnan 8/28/16
does hyperdex support multi-master replica asif uddin Ahmad 5/29/16
the hyperdex client loop question 李俊良 5/24/16
the variable chan lock question about busybee 李俊良 5/24/16
8517 read error, hyperdex_client_reconfigure Gao Neal 5/11/16
writing is very slow and multi-writing get blocked when the number of daemon server grows Hao Yuan 4/28/16
Delayed log about"reconfiguration complete; resuming normal operation" Hao Yuan 4/21/16
Hyperdex coordinator unexpectedly drop out from the cluster without any operation Hao Yuan 4/18/16
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