This discussion group is dedicated to general discussion regarding the HyperDex NoSQL data store. Almost anything and everything that is HyperDex-related goes, including inquiries, feature requests, newbie questions, technical questions, and even every kind of non-technical discussion as long as it relates to HyperDex.

Note that there is a separate group called hyperdex-announce for official announcements, such as new releases and the like, from the HyperDex developers.

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Indexing Jeffrey DallaTezza 2/25/15
Installing Golang bindings John Joske 2/25/15
100% CPU Usage after Power Outage Matthew Tamayo 2/11/15
cond_put_or_create operation Jeffrey DallaTezza 2/9/15
async_get vs search for bulkload Matthew Tamayo 2/2/15
Client expiration Matthew Tamayo 2/2/15
java client putting float type value pulpfree 2/2/15
HyperDexClientException: reconfiguration affecting virtual_server when putting data Tadeusz Kopeć 2/2/15
Hyperdex and advanced queries Sven Hodapp 2/2/15
nodejs driver will not install with npm install hyperdex-client Oron Ogdan-Adam 2/1/15
HyperDexClientException: reconfiguration affecting virtual_server umatomba 1/28/15
Daemon crashed with assertion failure Lei Zhang 1/26/15
Client notifications/triggers George Porter 1/22/15
atomic operations Casey Bodley 1/22/15
undefined symbol: hyperdex_client_group_map_add Matthew Tamayo 1/16/15
HyperDex 1.6: MongoDB Compatibility Robert Escriva 1/13/15
python client get() has unexpected keyword 'auth' Jay Jagpal 1/4/15
range query problem. Lei Zhang 12/22/14
How to update HyperDex from 1.0.5 to 1.1.0 for Ubuntu 12.04? Bùi Võ Quốc Bảo 12/11/14
asynchronous search operation question Lei Zhang 12/1/14
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