Hello! Welcome to the Hyperaudio Discussion Group.

Hyperaudio is new way of interacting with audio, it's an open media that takes audio and integrates it fully with the web for a much richer experience.

This group is intended as a place to share and discuss ways of making Hyperaudio applications. The plan is that this group will also act as a basis for a related website.

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Hyperaudio Blog Posts and Other Materials Mark Boas 8/14/13
Hyperaudio Applications and Demos Mark Boas 11/15/12
Hyperaud.io Website and Twitter Mark Boas 11/13/12
Resources for Transcribing (voice to text) Mark Boas 3/29/12
Alignment algorithm plugged in until Feb 15th Mark Boas 1/22/15
public beta is finally ready! Mark Boas 1/18/15
Hyperaudio at Buenos Aires - MediaParty 2014 Mark Boas 8/25/14
Outcomes from Working with Chattanooga Public Library and the Mozilla Gigabit Challenge Mark Boas 8/25/14
Kids using Hyperaudio - 3 Great Videos Mark Boas 4/23/14
Hyperaudio has entered the Knight News Challenge - Please vote for us! Mark Boas 4/19/14
Hypertranscripts Mark Boas 4/10/14
Hyperaudio at JSFest in San Francisco (March 9th) Mark Boas 3/6/14
New Blog Post - Hyperlocal Hyperaudio Mark Boas 2/27/14
Hyperaudio 0.4.1 Public Beta Mark Boas 2/27/14
Hyperaudio Beta 0.4 Mark Boas 1/29/14
Creating a valuable data store for Hyperaudio Dustin Blake 1/26/14
Sneak Peak Mark Boas 1/20/14
Happy New Year - Happy New Beta Mark Boas 1/16/14
Hyperaudio Converter Mark Boas 1/3/14
New Blog Post : "Hyperaudio — Why We're a Nonprofit." Mark Boas 12/23/13
Best current tools for manually aligning audio with text Weston Ruter 12/17/13
Hyperaudio Maker Mark Boas 12/11/13
Hyperaudio Updates Mark Boas 11/19/13
Moving to Beta Mark Boas 11/14/13
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